Before You Think About Joining…

Posted: July 23, 2010 in CrossFit, Training

I saw this article posted on Facebook from the CrossFit Chesterton website, and really liked it.  To me, Jason did a great job of not making the story, or joining his gym, or starting to train, about him.  It’s about YOU.  You should come in because you want to get better.  You should join CIA CrossFit because you want to be more effective; in the gym, in our workouts, but more importantly… in life!  I hope you like the post, too!


… You need to understand that you can get sweaty doing anything. I can slap a quirky tough guy name on hundreds of reps of anything sprinkle some gymnastic chalk on it and tell you that you’re doing great… and yeah if you haven’t touched a barbell in years your body will respond, but that is not how we operate.

Our program and methods have a proven history of success, we’ll leave it at that. If you want access to our world it is going to be entirely on you.

I don’t have a clever advertising plan. Hell I don’t even have a phone for you to call or a sign for you to find the damn place, but for over a year now the right people have walked through our doors. Grandmas, fighters, figure skaters, tri-athletes, power lifters, We just let them do our talking…

The idea of a “life changing” experience is great. Hey we have a few stories that would even bring a tear to Rambo’s eye, but their success is entirely self driven. YOU have to want this. You must realize that through physical discomfort all things are possible. We are here to coach you, provide access to a training program far superior to whatever else you have done and a top shelf environment (even though its a little dirty sometimes) to train in. Arrogant? Yes… but you wouldn’t be reading this nonsense if it wasn’t true.

Our crew is here to get you on track, get you up to speed, and turn you loose. No one is going to cuddle you and give you fabricated scripts on weightlifting and motivation.

You have to be willing to subject yourself to physical discomfort for an extended period of time. Flat out, that’s it. Through your own efforts and our guidance you will evolve and learn.

Through time, our gym has taken on its own personality. There are dozens of members that are very knowledgeable in all elements of the CrossFit game as well as elements of fitness and athletics. Our members are our greatest asset, their knowledge is priceless, and we utilize that gift to the fullest each day.

You won’t find yourself doing hundreds of reps with a pvc pipe everyday and reciting memorized scripts on different lifts! You are going to be taught what to do slowly for months, monitored for weeks, and corrected daily, as is everyone else in the place. We teach the foundations and monitor your safety, leaving a great deal of the learning process open for self interpretation. By doing this we allow you to better determine what allows you to move properly.

Simply stated what works for one may not work for another, and no youtube video will fix every person. That is where our training experience and professionalism pay off!

Still with me?

If so then you have probably found a new training facility, Whether you are looking to supplement your current sport with a new training program, in need of a well planned training regime, or need a place to do your own thing. We may be what you are looking for, and would love to have you on board!

Oh and did I mention that we have a hell of a good time learning and suffering each day with each other?

–Jason (CrossFit Chesterton)”

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