The Pursuit of Paleo: Dining Out 1

Posted: July 25, 2010 in Nutrition
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The first stop on this crazy adventure is a place called Wahoo’s Fish Tacos!  I ate there for lunch the other day, and as I’ve done for the last few months if I eat Mexican cuisine, I knew I wasn’t going to eat a tortilla if I went for a taco or burrito.  It’s unnecessary carbs, and quite frankly, I don’t love the taste so I don’t get one.  Usually I do a bowl of some sort.

When I looked at the menu, though, I saw an option that looked a lot better for me.  The Wahoo’s Salad!  Since I was hungry, I decided to get it with steak AND shrimp, too.  When the plate came out, I was in heaven!

Will you look at that!  Lettuce, veggies, guacamole, steak, shrimp, and hot sauce!!  It was amazing.  To me, the little tortilla strips are just bad carbs so I didn’t touch them, and the sauce they provided didn’t add anything to meal, so I didn’t use that either.

Fast forward 15 minutes and 4 songs on my iPod:

I don’t know where you grew up, but where I come from, crushing a meal like that gets you membership into a pretty exclusive group.  Maybe you’ve heard of it: The Clean Plate Club! 

The point is, even if you go out to a place who’s cuisine may not be very “paleo”, you can still make choices that are much better for your body, and really delicious.  I’ll rate this meal an 8.4 on the Paleo scale.

p.s.- Fine, you caught me.  I did eat two of the tortilla strips, but JUST TWO!

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