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The thoughts featured in the post and video are mine and mine alone!

Quick and dirty Sunday night dinner for this week’s post. The steps are easy:

  • Heat up some grape tomatoes
  • Mix together kale salad and some dressing
  • Add tomatoes to salad
  • Cook some shrimp on the stove
  • Grill a big fat steak
  • Enjoy!

Total prep to cook time was a little under 45 minutes, but man was this dinner good!

Not only is this super easy to make, but if there is any leftover food, which there rarely is, you get Surf and Turf for a snack!

This. Kid. Is. AMAZING.

At 11 years old, Birke Baehr knows more about nutrition, the source of much the food we’re fed each day, and the message the media tries to deliver to us, than most adults I know. Animal and Produce Farms often times follow “less than desirable” practices with their food and livestoc, and Birke shares just a few of them with us, too.

I’m not sitting here suggesting that we boycott “The Man”, and only shop through local co-ops and higher-priced supermarkets. That is an unrealistic overnight change to make for most of us. What I am suggesting, however, is that we take the time to learn a little bit more about the food we buy and eat, and realize that spending another $1 per pound on chicken that was treated in a much more humane and natural way could end up paying itself back to us (in nutritional value your own health), far more than that one dollar we could have saved!

Please watch (and SHARE) this video so more people can hear his powerful message.

“And that, my friends, is how we can make a difference… one kid at a time!”

When it comes to eating Paleo, there is ONE WORD that separates the days where I eat well, from the days where I tend to veer off course: Planning!

On the weeks where I plan, shop, and cook in advance, I’ve got meals planned out for days and don’t even need to worry about staying paleo. Instead, I just grab tupperwares from my fridge and head out the door. Doing this twice per week COULD lead to a full week of staying “clean” with my eating, but in the interest of full disclosure, I’ve SUCKED with this lately.

Then one day last week I saw a video featured on the CrossFit Journal where a friend of mine, Chris Martirano (aka, Marty), broke down some of the meals he cooks and how he prepares several at a time to accommodate his busy schedule (which definitely resonated with me). It’s called “Preppin’ for the Week”. You can link to the full page by clicking here, and there you can read about the two videos that are featured! If that sounds like too much work (lazy pants), click here for the first video and here for the second video.

Thanks to Marty’s inspiration, I hope to get back on the paleo train again sooner than later! Great video, awesome (and delicious) meal ideas, and no… to answer your question, I will NOT be instituting “Tabata Squats” in my regimen. Instead that will be time to blog more for you guys, or try to find new music to play during my coaching sessions!

To share a brief history of my friendship with Marty, here are two events where we competed head-to-head in last year’s awesome Fitness Elevated Competition in Salt Lake City (hosted by friend, and owner of Ute CrossFit, Tommy Hackenbruck).

The first event was an obstacle course, which was one of the most fun things I’ve ever done in CrossFit. It was also my first time ever even TRYING legless rope climbs, and the only event where I beat Marty all weekend. 🙂

The very next event (which happened I think less than 10 minutes later) featured a sled push, kettlebell carry, and then a sled pull… where you were in the sled. Another crazy event, and Marty destroyed me in the second half. Good times!

Brooke’s back again! Check out her update below. Any questions, recommendations, stories you want to hear from her, words of encouragement? Just ask in the comments section!


I have no idea how many days I have been doing the Lurong Challenge. I do know that I suck at eating strict Paleo for any longer then 48 hours at a time. This is extremely difficult for me to admit. I hate failing! or sucking at something. Welp, I suck at Paleo. But don’t worry, I haven’t and won’t throw in the towel 🙂 I will continue to TRY my hardest to eat clean and limit my cheating. I hope that’s good enough for this blog and thank you for your understanding!

Anywho, training has been awesome! I have been super consistent with getting to the gym and improving on a few things. Handstand walks and balance are at the top of the list right now. I think I walked about 7 ft. or so! I was just concentrating on core strength and not knocking myself out. Weighted pull-up, 1 rep @37 lbs., which is like both of my dogs tied to my chest!

Here’s a cool picture from the Austrailian Pink Floyd show last weekend. I had to drink some beer!! Everyone else, including people my parents age, were on SOMETHING way cooler than Coors Light.

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Looks like a pretty good show, huh?

Worry no longer, my friends! While Brooke has been absent from posting for the past few days, she has returned. Check out what she’s been up to in this post!


I’m still alive!

What was the name of that Challenge I’m supposed to be doing? Just kidding! I have to apologize for my lack of updates.

In signing up for the Lurong Challenge, I was naive in thinking I could somewhat put my “life” on hold to concentrate on fitness and sticking to a strict eating plan/schedule. I had a dear friend pass away in a motorcycle accident 3 days ago. When I agreed to keep this log of how I’m feeling emotionally, mentally and physically.

That being said, for obvious reason the only thing I have been feeling is sad. Let’s talk about how this challenge has truly helped me in dealing. Yes, Saturday included a sh*t ton of whiskey & beer ! Outside of that I’ve done pretty well at eating clean for the last few days. Last week my biggest challenge with eating was finding enough snacks. (Oh how I miss chips and salsa!) Saturday we made some delicious homemade beef jerky. Thank goodness I have a boyfriend that’s a kick ass cook or I would most likely starve….or eat at my mom’s house every night…or drink my dinner.

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Homemade Jerky! YUM!

Moving on. The workouts! Cossfit801 has completed 2 of the three benchmark wods.

The first, 75 power snatches for time, 9 min. 50 sec. I think it could have been faster. I feel like that day was a big detox day for me. I was super shaky and felt lite headed. I was also a huge bitch this day. No snack, no sugar, needed food. Sorry, everyone around me!

The second was yesterday, 20 burpees 20 KB swings X5 rounds, 12 min. 20 sec. Despite everything going on right now, yesterday felt awesome! It was 12 min. 20 sec. of forgetting everything around me and just trying to push myself hard!
Check out my new kicks. Pretty sure they’re going to make me run faster and lift heavier 🙂

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How do you like my new shoes? I LOVE them!

I have quite a few friends across the country that do CrossFit. From Seattle to Southern California, New York to Florida, Minnesota to Texas, I’m regularly interacting with athletes of all ages, shapes, sizes, ability levels, and experience levels with the “Most Fun and Effective Training Program in Existence!” I just coined that term, don’t steal it.

One of my very good friends is a young lady from Salt Lake City Utah, who trains at CrossFit 801. Her name is Brooke! Brooke was recently convinced by her friends to sign up for a very big food challenge. This event is called the “LuRong Living Paleo Challenge“, and it runs for 9 weeks. Why would someone want to participate in a 9-week Paleo Challenge? Well, the Lurong site tells you why: “You get all of the benefits of a Paleo Challenge you might do in your own CrossFit Affiliate: Nutritional Guidance, Goal Setting, Performance & Nutritional Tracking, etc. but with so much more!”

While I was chatting with her on the phone the other day, she told me about this challenge, and when I finished drying my eyes from laughing so hard hearing her concerns (“HOW CAN I CUT OUT BEER!?”) I had a great idea! Brooke is a CrossFitter. Brooke has a real job. Brooke has an awesome family, boyfriend, and some awesome dogs. Brooke enjoys socializing with her friends. Brooke is basically a fun and well-rounded human being! Oh, and she’s FUNNY, too! (Hmm, can I think of anyone else who is trying to lead a balanced life while still eating and performing well in the gym? Oh, most of us? Cool.) So why not see if Brooke would be willing to share her story with all of us? Her trials and tribulations of trying to eat and train as well and as consistently as possible, while maintaining the balance of a fun life. She agreed!

For the next few weeks, all I can say is Giddyup! Brooke will be writing regular blog posts about her 9-weeks completing the challenge, and hopefully you will all find some education, humor, and some relatable (dare I say inspirational) material to help prove that anyone can commit to changing their lives for the better!

Let us know what you think of this series, appropriately titled “Brooke’s Challenge”!

I thought I had posted this months ago, but turns out it was still a “Draft”. Enjoy this awesome video!

Happy Monday, everyone! I saw this video this morning, and had to share it with you.

This video, from GP Access and the Hunter Integrated Pain Service, discusses Pain, and how pain stems from our BRAIN 100% of the time (click here to see their page that included the survey used to conduct some of their research). Regardless of how severe, or how long we have been experiencing the pain, it is our brain that tells our body that it hurts. After explaining that concept in very simple terms, the video then discusses some of the things that we can do to do try and train our bodies to be healthier and happier.

Smoking, nutrition, alcohol and activity level can have a significant impact on pain in our bodies, and how we deal with them. Think about the different areas in your life that may be contributing to any pain you may be having!

From the video:
“So to sum up pain, it comes from the brain and it can be re-trained, and when looked at from a whole personal broad perspective, gives you a lot of opportunities to begin.”

Today’s post on “The Pursuit of Paleo” will explain, very simply, the impact that foods will have on our ingrained “nutritional teeter-totter” (I hope Nicole Carroll of CFHQ didn’t patent/copyright that term in her speech about it! At least I’ll reference you guys to my favorite “Paleo” video of all-time. Part 1 is here. Here’s Part 2). Any food that you put in your body will have some sort of effect on your “PH scale” (rated from a score of “0” for Acid to 14 for Alkaline).

This short video does a great job of explaining how, and WHY, the human body needs to maintain a balance for us to stay healthy, and briefly lists some of the major consequences of what happens when either that balance is lost, or when the body needs to work extra hard to maintain it. Imbalances in this scale (as stated in the video) usually stem from the over-consumption of acid-forming foods and beverages, and unhealthy stress in our lives.

From the video:
“Another general rule is the more processed the food, the more acidic it will be.” Hmm… where have we heard that before?

However, while too much acidity in our diet is definitely bad for us, just because a food is acidic does NOT mean it’s bad for you! It’s all about the balance and the QUALITY of the food we eat.

***Let me note, the video featured in this is not a post that focuses on a “pro-paleo” position. I don’t want to incorrectly give that impression.***

What I’m suggesting, is that by being more aware of what we put into our bodies, by learning about the impact that foods have on our “PH balance” as humans AND by following a nutritional guideline of “meat and vegetables, nuts and seeds, some fruit, little starch and no sugar,” (taken from that we will be healthier.


Education is power, so hopefully I’m dropping some knowledge on you guys and gals. 🙂

Enjoy. (Thanks for sharing this video, Trish!)

There’s not too much I need to say in order to explain this chart. If you have any questions feel free to ask, but I think this is a pretty helpful resource!

(Chart courtesy of Cole Bradburn’s website)

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Pretty simple, huh?

There are dozens, probably hundreds, of websites and blogs out there talking about the Paleolithic, or Paleo, diet (the diet of choice for most CrossFitters). They talk to their audience about the benefits of the  diet, what foods they should and shouldn’t eat, recipes for food and some even spend time explaining why other diets don’t work. Either way, there is a TON of really useful information out there! (If you want amazing recipes AND some comedy, check out my friend Juli’s blog, PaleOMG. She is the truth!)

There is SO much information out there that it can actually get really overwhelming. I am someone that once I get too overwhelmed with info, my eyes glaze over and I zone out. Most of the time, what I want is a more succinct message, delivered in language that is easy for me to internalize and actually process.

The video I’m posting below has been spreading around the CrossFit community like wildfire this week…. and rightfully so if you ask me. The video features Dr. Terry Wahls giving a speech at the TEDxIowaCity event entitled “Minding Your Mitochondria” that delivers so much incredible information on WHAT she thinks you should eat (listing specific foods), WHY she thinks you should eat them (giving specific biological impacts, both good AND bad, that certain foods have on our bodies), and other tidbits that shed light on why the diet works.  There’s so much info and it’s so easy to understand!

Oh yeah, then there’s the side story about how she was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis in 2000, and her body began declining in health. She was confined to a zero-gravity chair whenever she would sit by November of 2007 and could only walk short distances with two canes. I won’t ruin the story for you, but let me just share a few of the milestones she reaches when she wrote her own dietary plan based on what she had leaned about the impact of food on the body:

November 2007 – Two canes to walk short distances, zero-gravity chair when seated
3 Months later – Walking between exam rooms
4 Month later – Could walk around the hospital without a cane
5 Months into her diet – Got onto her bike and pedaled around the block
9 Months into it – Did an 18-Mile bike ride

This is for someone who was practically bedridden due to her MS.

Do yourself a favor, watch this amazing video, please.