The Numbers: 7/28/10

Posted: July 29, 2010 in Training
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Workout of the Day-

Team WOD #1:

For 16 Minutes, One person at each station at a time of:

  • 400 Meter Run
  • Kettle Bell Swing
  • Push-Ups
  • Rest

The way this workout goes is person 1 leaves on the 400 Meter Run. While they’re out, person #2 is performing as many reps of KB Swings as possible, person #3 performs as many Push-Ups as possibe, and person #4…. ready for this… RESTS!  That’s right, I intentionally gave you rest!  You’re welcome 🙂

One thing I love about this workout is the fact that you are only working at the Swings and the Push-Up stations for as long as it takes your teammate to run their 400 Meters.  Compete with someone who runs faster, and you have less time to workout.  If your teammate is a slower runner, prepare to do more.  It’s great motivation for you to not let your teammates suffer… at least that what it sounded like tonight! (“Hurry up and get back in here!”)  The goal of the workout is less about getting through more rounds, and more about trying to complete as many reps as possible at stations 2 and 3.  Results are in the order from the first person who ran, down through  the person that started at station 4, and numbers will alternate from KB Swing rep totals to Push-Ups totals.  All girls used an 8kg KB.

Athlete Results-

Carolyn Nairn (started w/ the run, first number is a Swing total): 36 / 31 / ? (she didn’t count!  let’s say 30) / 35 – 4 Run laps – Total Score for Reps – 132

Kristin Timbers (started w/ the swings, first number is a Swing total): 38 / 28 / 39 / 28 / 25 – 3 Run laps – Total Score for Reps – 158

Melissa Onstad (started w/ the push-ups, first number is a Push-Up total): 26 / 30 / 23 / 30 / 15 – 3 Run laps – Total Score for Reps – 124

Katie Mathison (start w/ the rest station… mostly because it was her first day!  First number is Swing total): 34 / 28 / 17 / 16 – 3 Run laps – Total Score for Reps – 95


60 Seconds of Max Rep Sit-Ups (2 at a time, partners held feet down)-

Carolyn: 42

Kristin: 38

Melissa: 39

Katie: 40

Another newcomer today in Katie Mathison who put on a strong showing!  Running is obviously a strength for her, and her teammates definitely appreciated it when she was back inside in no time after her 400 Meters.  Everyone, remember on those Swing to have a VIOLENT extension of those hips.  The arms are just ropes carrying that weight up and down.  Let’s not make it harder than it is, and each of you had a lot of perfect reps!

The sit-ups, like everything else it seems, turned into an amazing race between athletes.  The first team of people to go only finished one rep apart, and the second team 2.  Way to push each other.  Tonight was awesome!

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