CrossFit: Defined.

Posted: August 2, 2010 in CrossFit
I had an email discussion with some college buddies last week about fitness, and and the short version was basically addressing the question ‘what’s the best way to work out?'”  Obviously, I am a firm believer that CrossFit is the most effective program for improving overall fitness in existence today.  I am also the only one of us in this group who has spent hundreds (or thousands?  I’d say thousands) of hours reading and learning, practicing, following and participating in the program.

I consider myself very well-versed when it comes to a variety of training methods.  I was a competitive swimmer for 8 full years through high school and college, and in that time I was exposed to, studied, read about, and followed a variety of fitness regimens.  These ranged from plyometrics, stretching, high-rep/low-weight, low-rep/high weight, resistance band training, pilates and more.  Based on those experiences, when I started to learn more about CrossFit and was able to compare it to my previous knowledge, it made more sense to me than any other program.

Therefore, my stance in my discussion with my friends was to state that; based on the definitions of fitness and other key terms CrossFit provides, that no program is better… and in turn no athlete is fitter (in terms of overall fitness), than the most elite CrossFit athletes.

There’s more to the discussion than that, but that’s the gist of it.  As I was typing up my own, rather long-winded explanation, however, I remembered an article that is available for free online to anyone that was interested!  It very clearly explains everything to know about CrossFit, why it exists and why the founders claim it to be most effective and inclusive fitness program around.

For me, this article should not be called “What is Fitness?”

In my opinion, it should be referred to as:

The CrossFit Manifesto!

Do me a favor, if you have any interest in CrossFit at all, take a few moments and read this article.
If you’ve read this article before, read it again.  It’s so good!  The piece below, to me, is CrossFit: Defined.

Enjoy, everyone!

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