The Numbers: 7/31/10

Posted: August 2, 2010 in Training
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Workout of the Day-

Triangle Tree Run:

In teams of three – All team members must start with their hand on the tree, and all three must touch the next tree before beginning on the following rep schemes:

Tree to Tree run – 150 Push-Ups – Tree to Tree run – 150 Air Squats – Tree to Tree run – 100 Burpees

After we did that once, we rested for about 4-5 minutes… then did it AGAIN!

The only rules of this workout were that:

All team members need to touch the tree where they start, and then the one they’re running to before reps can begin.

Only one person can be performing reps at a time.

Athlete Results-

Team 1 (Mel, Caro, Tom): Rd 1- 12:32 / Rd 2- 12:38

Team 2 (Jenny, Edy, Brooke): Rd 1- 12:35 / Rd 2- 13:44

Team 3 (Kristin, Danielle, Jamie): Rd 1- 13:42 / Rd 2- 14:44

(Did I get the teams right, everyone?)

We had 9 total people show up to Wash Park for this one!  What a blast it was, too.  Of the 9, three were CIA CrossFit newcomers!  I love seeing these new faces, and every single one of you did SO well!

Needless to say, we got some stares from people while we furiously did burpees and cheered each other on, but it was definitely worth it.  I’ll probably do the free Saturday sessions at least a few more times, so bring your friends who are looking for a good workout with great people!

Next time we need a group picture, too.  Someone remind me!

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