The Numbers: 8/1/10

Posted: August 4, 2010 in Training
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Workout of the Day-

For time:

20 Thrusters

40 Jumping Pull-Ups

60 Ball Tosses

80 Walking Lunges

100 Double-Unders

Sunday Night’s drop-in class can be a good one, I think this was no exception.  Caro came to class tonight and really did a great job!  For someone who is rehabbing their foot, she is maintaining proper form on all of her lifts, and I can already tell that she is gaining more and more strength and stability by the week.  That is exciting, to watch someone gain more and more physical independence, by actually using the body part they’re trying to recover.

CrossFit preaches “Technique, Consistency, then Intensity” which means that we’ll scale the workouts for anyone until they can perform movements safely enough to not injure themselves!  First learn the form, then do it right often, then we can ratchet it up a notch.  Caro is following the prescription perfectly.

For this workout, here’s how we broke down the movements:

Thrusters- A Thruster is a front squat that goes from a Front Squat straight into a Push Press.  Caro used a PVC pipe.  The goal was get proper depth on every single front squat, and then hold the bar overhead so one could see your ears in front of your arms from the side view.  It may sound complicated, but it’s really not.  Here is a video from Crossfit ( on how to perform the movement properly

Jumping Pull-Ups- Just make sure that your chin goes over the bar, and that your arms reach full extension at the bottom.  The movement should be FAST!

Ball Tosses- Grab a medicine ball, turn so you’re about 3-5 feet from the wall, with your feet perpendicular to it.  Turn your hips and throw the ball against the wall, only to catch it and do it again.  Should involve aggressive hip turning, your arms are just kept straight, and are used to throw and catch the ball.

Walking Lunges- Take a lunge forwards, the back knee touches the ground, that is one step.  The section is 40 steps with each leg, 80 total.

Double-Unders- We are sticking with single jump rope jumps for a while, so she did 100 of these.

The goal is to get through all of the movements as fast as possible.

Athlete Results-

Carolyn’s time for the workout today was 9:53.

Well done, Caro!

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