The Numbers: 8/4/10

Posted: August 8, 2010 in Training
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Usually I start the “Numbers” posts with what the workout of the day was, but today was a unique day so I’m going to change it up a bit.  Tonight was the largest class I’ve had to date, and it was awesome!  There were a total of 7 people in the class, and had the weather not turned really bad late in the afternoon, there may have been 3-5 more people show up.  It was so awesome to see that many people there and excited for CrossFit!

The way I decided to break it down, given who was there, was to do a “Girls v/s Boys” competition.  There were 4 girls and 3 guys, and depending on the event it may have given an advantage to either team.  What I did tonight was present the first workout, have the teams complete it, and only then would I share what the second workout was going to be.  Yeah, I ran these guys through three workouts.

Girls Team- Kristin, Carolyn, Betty, Jenna

Boys Team- Brandon, David, Mike

Workout of the Day-

“Welcome to the Jungle”

Part 1-

“As a Team, Row 2000 Meters for time”

The only rule here was that each athlete needed to row AT LEAST 500 meters.  Obviously that meant the girls had to each do that distance, and the guys had a bit more wiggle room.

Part 2-

Twice through:

“20 Wall Ball Passes

50 Sit-Ups

100 Air Squats”

The Wall Ball Passes were cool because you had to throw the ball up to your target, and quickly get out of the way so your partner could catch it, and do the same for the person behind them.  The boys used a 20lb ball, and the girls used a 12lb ball.  The sit-ups were done on a mat, and your partners were able to hold your feet for you.  Air Squats are self-explanatory.  The only catch was that only one teammate was able to complete reps at a time.

Part 3-

“While one partner runs 400 meters, the remaining team members complete Jumping Pull-Ups

While the next partner runs, the remaining team members complete Burpees

Next partner runs, remaining folks to Box Jumps

Final runner takes off, remaining team completes Push-Ups”

Scoring for this was unique.  Each rep completed would count as a one second deduction from the total TIME it took the 4 runners to complete their 400 meter runs.  That means if it took the team 60 seconds to complete the workout, and their team completed 30 reps, that team’s score would be 30 seconds.  The goal of this workout…. have the fastest end time possible.

The group getting ready for their third and final workout!

Athlete Results-

Part 1- The guys won the first event:

Boys – 6:57 / GIrls – 7:57

Part 2 – This workout came down to the last exercise and was super excited to watch.  Winner was the guys by a tiny margin:

Boys – 7:28 / Girls – 7:42

Part 3 – Girls ended this workout with a bang and took home the win

Girls – 433 total seconds for the 4 run laps – 301 total reps = 2:12 for the workout

Guys – 408 total seconds for the 4 run laps – 215 total resp = 3:13 for the workout

So here’s my take on why I think this 3-part workout was good.  The guys had less transitions to worry about on the row if they went straight through, so they probably had a bit of an advantage in this one.  Plus, David had a MONSTER pull on that rower.  The 2nd part of the workout I think was very evenly matched.  The 20lb medicine balls can get heavy really fast, but both teams need to worry about the throwing and catching portion of that, which is new to most people.  In the last workout, I need to give the advantage to the ladies.  They only each had to run one time, whereas for the guys, Mike had to run twice.  Not only must that have been tough on him, but while one guy is out running, there are only two guys left to do reps.  That can leave you tired pretty quickly!

Bottom line, though, the group did an amazing job, and really pushed through the pain to turn in some impressive numbers.  Hope to see some of you guys again!

The Largest class to date. Great job, guys!

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