The Numbers: 8/11/10

Posted: August 23, 2010 in Training
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Workout of the Day:
Two Rounds for
Run 200 Meters
25 KB Swings
10 Tire Flips
25 Double Unders (50 Single Jumps)
15 Overhead Squats w/ Med Ball (16# / 10#)

These guys always work so hard. I'm so proud!

Athlete Results:
(6:30 class)
John- 9:14
Sarah- 9:15
Dave- 12:31
Jan- 13:46

(7:00 class)

Timbers (single jumps, 8kg kettlebell)- 9:26

Carolyn (single jumps, 8kg kettlebell)- 9:29

Kristin crushing the tire flips and making them look easy!

Caro doing KB swings with great range of motion!

The first class did an amazing job of pushing each other to the end of the workout.  It’s very cool to be working with a group of people who have trained together for a while.  The dynamics between you guys, and how you encourage each other even in the middle of the workout, is very cool!

This was the first time I had done tire flips with the 7pm class, and while they were a little nervous about doing them, their technique was amazing!

After the workout was over for the 7:00 class, the two girls hung out for a few minutes to work on their double-under technique.  The outcome:

BOTH of them got double-unders down!  The next workout we do, they’ll be doing doubles instead of single jumps.  Great job, girls!

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