The Numbers: 8/23/10

Posted: August 24, 2010 in Training
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Workout of the Day:

Run 800 meters

30 Push-Ups

Run 400 meters

30 Burpees

Run 150 meters

30 KB Swings

Sprint 25 meters

30 Jumping Jacks

Sprint 25 meters

The 6:30 class thinking, "Yay, Burpees!" Right, guys?

Athlete Results:

Sarah- 14:43

Bari- 17:05

Jan- 17:07

Dave- 18:58

That was the workout that my 6:30 class completed.  My favorite quote from this class was Sarah saying, “Wow, Tom… Thanks so much for putting the burpees right after the push-ups!”  I sense a bit of sarcasm, but she did an amazing job of grouping the 30 reps into smaller, more manageable sets, and sticking to the numbers she picked!  When she finished, she stayed around and cheered everone else on, too.  That is the teamwork that I love to see you guys show every day.  Thank you for making this place feel more like a family than a gym!

We cut the burpee reps in half for Jan and Bari, but they really made up for it by pushing each other through the runs.  It was very cool to see Bari come back and pass her mom on that last round of jumping jacks.  She proved that she will never give up!  Dave powered through the burpees like a champion and looked like the 400 and 800 meter runs are starting to look even easier.  It’s really fun to see that kind of progress, too.

Workout of the Day:

5 Rounds of-

10 Deadlifts

10 Ring Push-Ups

10 Sit-ups

Perfect form on Caro's first day of doing Ring Push-Ups

After a warm-up for my 7:00pm class, we spent about 10 minutes working on form on Carolyn’s deadlifts since she had only done them with my once before.  By the end, her form looked great, and we ended up using a weight heavier than she had ever done before!  First was FORM, then CONSISTENCY, then INTENSITY!  She had the first two, so we upped the ante a bit.

If you haven’t tried ring push-ups, you should.  They are such a challenging movement, requiring strength, coordination, stability, and more!  For a first time, she also maintained great form with these.  The sit-ups were done with a plate held overhead while the athlete lays on their back.  They reach up and towards their knees in order to complete one rep.

Athlete Results:

Carolyn (85lb Deadlift, rings at waist height, 10lb plate)- 10:46

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