Brain Power: 9/14/10

Posted: September 14, 2010 in Uncategorized

There’s a lot of posts going up today! I guess my brain is finally catching up to the last few weeks of madness.

The CrossFit Web-Celeb and CrossFit Games mega-athlete Kate Rawlings had an amazing post on her blog today.  As an relative newby to the game when it comes to being a CrossFit Trainer, I find myself trying to get people through the door at the gym on almost a daily basis.  The reason for that is because I know that with my training, their hard work and CrossFit’s methodology, people’s lives can be changed for the better in ways they’ve never even imagined.  (That’s my recurring theme, I know)

The biggest hurdle to overcome, however, is getting them to walk through the doors at the gym!

Kate, this post shares what a lot of us go through.  Well put!

Click the link below and read the post if you have a minute.  Kate’s blog is always really good, so feel free to check out her stuff regularly if you’re looking for some motivation!

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