The Numbers: 9/26/10

Posted: September 28, 2010 in Training
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Tonight was the first workout in the new gym at CrossFit Lakewood and I could not have been happier!

Kristin showed up, and definitely got her moneysworth with this one, because it was not an easy workout at all.

Workout of the Day:

5 Rounds for time of-

200 Meter Run / 20 Wall Ball Tosses (10#) / 15 Ball Slams (30#) / 10 Push Press (45#)

Now I be very easily amused (and I am), but one of my favorite parts of the new gym is that we have a “real” clock on the wall that we can use for our workouts, not just my iPod.  Listen how excited Kristin gets when she hears that it *beeps* the “3, 2, 1…” too.  Yeah, celebrate the little things in life, people!

The other new toys the gym purchased last week were Slam Balls.  So I added those into this workout, too. 

Great full extension at the top!

I know I’m getting video-happy these days, but for me, they’re the most fun way to share how the class went with everyone.  Also, on this particular day, even with a super-long workout, the form was perfect.  As a coach, I love seeing that!

On the Wall-Balls, I look for the quick pace from rep to rep in order to maintain the efficiency of the movement.  With the range of motion, she goes into a full squat before standing up full and hitting the target with the ball.  On the Push Press, the clean to get the bar up looks great, and the hip drive to throw the bar overhead with the lockout looks awesome!  I think these two videos each deserve a BOOM!  So… BOOM… and BOOM! (one for each video… you know?)

Athlete Results:

Kristin- 31:11

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