The Numbers: 10/10/10

Posted: October 12, 2010 in Training
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Tonight, Carolyn was the lone soldier in attendance for what proved to be a brutal first-time workout.  I called it the “Terrible Tens” (not to be confused with the Filthy Fifty).

Workout of the Day:
10 Rounds for time of-
10 calories on rower / 10 burpees / 10 overhead squats / 10 double-unders (30 single jumps) / 10 steps walking lunge (holding a kettlebell with both hands at chest level)

The first part of the workout every round would be to row for 10 calories on the rower.  You can see Carolyn doing that below:

Instead of taking this workout to completion the first time out, we had a 30-minute cap on the time. Therefore, next time we do this, the goal will be to simply complete more of the rounds, in the same amount of time.

Don't worry if you missed this one. It will be back around!

Athlete Results:
Carolyn (45lb OHS, 12kg KB)- 5 rounds + 10 calorie row + 6 burpees

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