The Numbers: 10/20/10

Posted: October 26, 2010 in Training
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This evening there were 6 athletes in class, and it was a good one. It was also Kristin’s first workout back after running in her first Marathon this past weekend in San Francisco! Congrats, Timbers!

Kristin running 26.2 Miles during the Nike Women's Marathon!

The workout featured two main parts. The first, that followed a series of running drills outside, was a 400 meter run, as fast as possible.
Athlete Results:
Clayton- 1:16.6
Carolyn- 1:29.6
Kristin- 1:38.1
Nichole- 1:43.1
Boomer- 1:50.6
Ashley- 1:55.6

After that we did a workout that Orion had written for the gym, that I thought was a really good one.
Workout of the Day:
5 Rounds for time-
150m Run / 20 Wall Balls / 10 Ball Slams / 5 Burpees

While we had done most of these exercises before, today we changed up a few minor details on how to complete them. The Ball Slams were new for many people. Most used the same med ball from their “Wall Balls”, however Carolyn and Clayton upgraded to the actual Slam Balls. Carolyn used a 30lb ball, and just had to throw while Clayton used a 30lb ball, but was held to “Games Standards”, where he had to catch the ball on one hop for the rep to count. This is a VERY challenging movement, and he did it very well.

Then there were the burpees… everyone’s favorite. Today, instead of a regular burpee, athletes had to jump over a PVC pipe that was supported and elevated by kettlebells. Check out the video to see how fun it was. Great job, everyone!

Athlete Results:
Kristin (10lb Ball for both)- 19:54
Nichole (10lb Ball for both)- “22:56”
Carolyn (10lb Wall Ball, 30lb Ball Slam)- 23:24
Ashley Boomer and Ashley Guy (10lb Ball for both)- 24:10
Clayton (14lb Wall Ball, 30lb Ball Slam w/ catch)- 26:10

Clayton committed to doing all exercises unbroken before the workout started. That meant taking more rest between stations, but he did it! Great finish, and good job cheering him on, team!

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