The Numbers: 10/27/10

Posted: October 28, 2010 in Training
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Today was a BIG day for us here at the gym! There were a couple of HUGE Personal Records set, and the workout also went really well. Let’s get right to it:

First, we started off with Heavy Deadlifts, working up to our 1 Rep Max weight. The huge moments here were when Ashley Boomer pulled 135lbs off of the ground, and then Clayton getting a solid 305! Both of these guys can do even more, but these accomplishments were awesome to see! Check out the picture and videos below!

"What, it's only 305lbs!" Great job, Clayton!

Athlete Results: 1RM Deadlift
Kristin- 95lbs / Ashley- 135lbs / Clayton 305lbs

After that we did a workout that consisted of mostly body weight movements. (Just an FYI, it ended up being cut short because of how long our deadlifting session took, it WAS going to also have a round of 10. You’re welcome 🙂

Workout of the Day:
30 reps in order, then 20 reps all the way through of-
Wall Balls / Push-Ups (staggered hand grip) / Sit-Ups (your choice) / Air Squats

Way to go, girls!

Athlete Results:
Kristin (14lb Ball)- 11:14
Ashley (10lb Ball)- 10:45
Clayton (20lb Ball)- 9:24

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