The Numbers: 10/25/10

Posted: October 27, 2010 in Training

Today after a group warm-up, we went straight into some strength work. As was mentioned in the last post, the CrossFit Total would be our focus for strength work this week. Sunday was the Back Squat and now today would be the Shoulder Press. After some working sets, the athletes threw some pretty good numbers overhead, and I would dare to say that Carolyn even impressed herself this time? I don’t know, I’ll let her speak to that. As we perform this lift more frequently, it will be easier to remember things like not “dipping and driving” with the legs like we do on Push Presses, etc. And don’t worry, with more stretching, your wrists will feel more comfortable supporting weight at that angle!

Strength Results: (Shoulder Press)
Kristin- 45lbs / Carolyn- 70lbs / Clayton- 125lbs

Right after we cleaned off the barbells, we went into the CHALLENGE DAY event.
Today’s event: a 1000meter row as fast as possible!
Clayton- 4:00.5 / Kristin- 4:23.4 / Carolyn- 4:11.3

After a brief rest, we went right into the WOD. Congrats to Caro for sticking to the Higher Box for the entire 45 jumps. All we need to do is work on that balance so you stand all the way up on them. Clayton, way to not set down the KB’s at all during the workout. And Kristin, sub-10 is a great time for the workout. Those Knees-To-Elbows are so efficient for you. Great job guys!

Workout of the Day:
3 Rounds for time-
15 Box Jumps / 15 Kettlebell Swings / 15 Knees to Elbows

Athlete Results:
Kristin (12kg KB, Low Box)- 9:55
Clayton (16kg KB, High Box) Carolyn (12kg KB, High Box)- 11:38

What a great kip, Kristin!

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