The Numbers: 11/1/10

Posted: November 2, 2010 in Training
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Today before the main workout, we did a few running drills outside, then came back inside and worked on learning the “Kettlebell Snatch” movement.  After that, it was straight to the workout.

Workout of the Day:
2 Rounds for Time of-
400m Run / 30 KB Swings / 30 Mtn. Climbers / 30 Push-Ups (Hand Release) / 30 Squat Jumps

As always, perfect extension overhead!

This workout proved to be more of a bruiser than expected, but both athletes did a great job pushing through.  I’d say at a lower rep count per round, Kristin is pretty close to doing all full-plank push-ups, too.  Especially on hand-release sets!

Full Lock-out every time

Athlete Results:

Kristin (12kg Kettlebell / Knee Push-Ups)-14:54

Clayton (16kg Kettlebell)- 20:53

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