The Numbers: 11/7/10

Posted: November 9, 2010 in Training
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After a quick group warm-up, tonight’s class started with something I have been trying to schedule in for a long time; Stretching and Mobility work! CrossFit Subject Matter Expert Kelly Starrett has created a daily Video Blog called the Daily MWOD, (or Mobility Workout of the Day) where he gives athletes ideas for increasing their flexibility and range of motion, in turn making us all more effective athletes and stable human beings, and also helping us prevent injury.

His daily blog can be found by clicking here, and I highly recommend adding it to your daily hits. In 5-10 minutes per day, if you follow his suggestions, I can assure you that you will be hitting Personal Records more regularly, but more importantly, you will be feeling more comfortable in your own skin and your range of motion will increase *significantly*.

So we started today with Foam Rolling for our legs and Band Stretching for our arms and shoulders. I’ll tell you what, I haven’t seen this many strained faces in a long time! I promise that by doing these exercises more often, your overall fitness will improve, guys and gals. Trust me 🙂

Clayton and Kristin Foam-Rolling

After that we did a 3-person WOD. After 1 person flipped a tire two times, a second person did a burpee after jumping through that tire. The third person did 3 Goblet Squats with a Kettlebell after every 2 flips. Once this was done 10 times, every did 10 Jump Squats (with a bar on their back) and 15 Dips each. This entire sequence was done 3 times, so each person had the opportunity to flip the tire, do the burpees, and complete Goblet Squats.

Athlete Results:
Clayton (12kg KB squats / 45lb Bar for jump squats / Dips w/ feet elevated on box)
Kristin (8kg KB squats / 15lb Bar for jump squats / Dips w/ hands on box, feet on ground)
Nichole (8kg KB squats / 15lb Bar for jump squats / Dips w/ hands on box, feet on ground)
This workout took the team 10:45 to complete

As soon as this was done, we went straight into a THREE-Tabata exercise circuit.

That meant , of each of these exercises:
Jumping Pull-Ups / Sit-Ups / Air Squats
While I gave athletes 1 minute rest between exercises, this was still a killer way to end the workout.

Athlete Results (Total Reps for Jumping Pull-Ups / Sit-Ups / Air Squats = Total Score):
Kristin- 107 / 102 / 126 = 335
Clayton- 90 / 79 / 117 = 286
Nichole- 75 / 95 / 90 = 260

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