The Numbers: 11/15/10

Posted: November 16, 2010 in CrossFit, Training
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After a group warm-up and about 15 minutes of Mobility Work with Foam Rollers and Baseballs, (thanks for the motivation, K-Starr!), we had Clayton and Kristin complete a 500 meter row, as fast as possible.

The trend continued today with having a Classic Main-Site WOD, and with the original work-out rep count to be 150. Yesterday Kristin tackled “Annie“, today, the two of them took on “Karen“. Karen is 150 Wall-Balls for time.

There is nothing easy about this workout, as it does quite a number on your lower back. But as a precaution to ensure they were going all the way down to full squat depth on each rep, we had both of them squat back to touch their butt to a med-ball each time. Clayton did the workout as prescribed, using a 20 pound med-ball, and throwing to a 10-foot target. Kristin threw a 10 pound ball to an 8-foot target.

Kristin and Clayton Wall-Balls, Smashby Training, CrossFit Lakewood, CrossFit in Denver, CrossFit, Karen

Full hip extension makes the movement more efficient!

Athlete Results:
500 meter row~
Clayton- 1:45.0
Kristin- 2:07.0

Clayton (20# Ball/10′ Target)- 16:18
Kristin (10# Ball/8′ Target)- 9:48

  1. Herm says:

    I really don’t like Karen. I’ll do a 5k over Karen anyday!

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