Moment of Awesomeness: 11/17/10

Posted: November 17, 2010 in Uncategorized

For a couple of months growing up I had a fascination with Parkour, or free running. I spent hours watching videos online and wishing I could do some of the things these amazing athletes were accomplishing just with their own body, balance, strength, and courage.

There was actually another post I wrote back in August that also featured a Parkour video, but this stuff is so cool, I thought I’d post another!

Enjoy the video, but please….

Don’t try this at home!

  1. Willy says:

    Pretty awesome stuff, but I thought this was parkour:

  2. hahahahahaha

    You win again, Willy!

  3. jimmyjames says:

    genius…personally, i’m more of a freestyle walking kind of guy, but i can get on board with running too

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