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Now normally the posts in this Category (CrossFit Blog Central) are from other CrossFit blogs. This time, it’s more about the fact that I feel this article is indirectly addressing the CrossFit Community, just without calling it out by name.

The reason I am sharing this article (which Clayton sent me, thanks!) is to get all of your honest feedback on what this author has to say. I don’t want this to turn into program- or person- bashing. I’m truly looking for intelligent dialogue.

I know what I’ve learned about CrossFit (measurable, observable, repeatable fitness), I know what I think about the program philosophy and results, but I also know that not everyone thinks alike; and I love that! I will keep more specific personal thoughts and opinions out of this post, and leave them for the comments section. I hope that this starts a productive conversation in regards to what you all think about this article. After you read it, please post your thoughts in my comments section! Read it, pass it on and let’s discuss.

Here we go…..
Click below to read to read the article:

“It Aint Strength Training Unless You’re Gettin’ Strong”, by Jason Ferruggia.
  1. Mikey says:

    I gotta say…this guy’s got a point. Kettleball swings. 200. Seriously? Go for a walk. Play a sport. Hike, surf, enjoy.

  2. Johnny says:

    Tom, I like the idea of Crossfit, but when I couldn’t walk up and down a set of stairs because my knees were so badly injured from either improper form or genetics, I HAD to stop. Maybe it was my gym/trainer (or lack of injury prevention training), but to be honest I like being able to walk. Since then, I’ve modified my lifestyle to be common sense. I eat healthy food (primal blueprint/paleo), sold my car and bike to work (equivalent to his walking every morning), lift kegs at the bar (double stack 20-40 one/two nights a week) and live life.

    Don’t get me wrong, I’m not trying to bash Crossfit. I learned a lot and love the competition aspect – watching people flip tractor tires is nuts. I just don’t think it’s for everyone. This guy – and Mikey – have a point, 200 kettlebell swings or 250 box jumps are a bit much. More power to you if you can do this injury free.

  3. Blayde says:


    I enjoyed the article and it was very informative. I like getting different perspectives on ways to workout. It is always nice to have a different view other than the mainstream stuff you see in magazines or BS articles. The workout methods described in the artice you posted seem as though they will produce actual results not just temporary body changes. Your blog is awesome!!! I recommend visiting it to everyone!

    I can’t wait to see what you post next!

  4. On Friday night, Mark Kooiman wrote on Facebook:

    “Tommy Boy, I had to power through it, cause I got hung up on the picture of the two ufc girls…. but I think he’s right if interested in bulking up, seems like he’d be a great trainer to work with to get totally jacked and grow man boobs, but I think more xfit style stuff, and intensity in general is better for real world applications like snowboarding, mountain biking, kicking ass, and shenanigans in general….”

  5. […] 2011 by smashbytraining in CrossFit Tags: Brain Power, CrossFit 0 Coming off of the heels of my last Brain Power post, where I featured an article that (in my opinion) bashed CrossFit as a fitness program, […]

  6. Lee says:

    I am a fan of crossfit, yet this guy definitely has some good points. I think crossfit is a great starting point, but modification/scaling/etc is necessary depending on your goals – playing a sport, building strength, career, etc. If your goal is to compete at the crossfit games, then yes, you need to pretty much follow the main page, and ensure you’re hitting every possible element that might show up at the games. You also need to be sure you’re at the level of conditioning/skill to handle that intensity of training. Overtraining and cortisol control are definitely real issues that many athletes overlook. Personally, I like to do strength-bias workouts and throw in a main-page crossfit workout every once in a while to maintain/improve metabolic conditioning. I enjoy doing strength based workouts; lifting heavy things is fun. Yet, something about walking away from a workout that totally kicked your ass (mentally and physically) feels good – but I think doing that every day, without adequate rest, is counterproductive.

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