The Numbers: 1/9/11

Posted: January 10, 2011 in CrossFit, Training
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After a group warm-up we started today off with 5X5 Push Press. We’re starting to look really solid with form at higher weights, so that means heavy sets of 3’s and 1’s are almost here. Let’s get ready to lift some heavy things!

The workout for the day was a fun one. Since Orion has built a lot more boxes for box jumps over the past few weeks, I was finally able to set up an “obstacle course” of sorts!

Workout of the Day:
3 Rounds for time of-
Box Jump / 10 Squat Jumps / Box Jump / 10 Hand-release Push-Ups / Box Jump / 10 KB Swings / Box Jump / Snake Run / 10 Burpees

When that’s done, we did two minutes of max sledge swings… AND 2 minutes of max ball slams. Great way to end the workout!

Athlete Results:
5×5 Push Press
Kristin- 45lbs
Jamie- 95lbs

Kristin (12kg KB)- 7:54
Jamie (12kg KB)- 9:43

2 Minute Sledge Swing
Kristin (8lb Hammer)- 50 swings
Jamie (10lb Hammer)- 35 swings

2 Minute Slam Ball
Kristin (30lb ball)- 28 slams
Jamie (30lb ball)- 28 slams

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