Brain Power: 1/10/11

Posted: January 10, 2011 in CrossFit
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Coming off of the heels of my last Brain Power post where I featured a controversial article that (in my opinion) bashed CrossFit as a fitness program, here’s another post on a popular conversation topic in the fitness community.

I definitely do not think the author of this next post (Freddy Camacho, owner of both CrossFit One World and the most popular “sleeves” in CrossFit) is bashing CrossFit at all, but the topic he chooses is the focus of many discussions; He talks about Intensity, and it’s role in training. How much is too much? Does CrossFit need to be 100% effort all the time?

A few quotes from his article which can be found over at his blog for CrossFit One World:

“100% effort should be saved for when it is needed: in competition. Training is not competition. There are no competitors at any sport that train 100% effort at every workout.”

“The pedal doesn’t have to go to the metal every workout, but you can “work hard” every time you step into the gym. HARD WORK doesn’t mean you have to try and crush a workout. HARD WORK means you make an effort to perform your workout better.”

“I am definitely not saying that the intensity portions of the lecture are spewing false information, I am just telling you that if you want your CrossFit results to be successful for the long term, you are better served not falling into the 100% effort 100% of the time approach.”

I think the article is very well-written, and clearly comes from the angle of an experienced CrossFitter speaking from years of his own personal experience. Good post, Freddy! Thanks for sharing your thoughts with us!

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