The Numbers: 1/10/11

Posted: January 10, 2011 in CrossFit, Training
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It seems that with every passing week, you guys are becoming more and more comfortable in the bottom position of that squat. I can’t tell you exactly what it’s from, but I’ll tell myself it’s from the additional time we’ve spending these last few weeks on stretching and mobility with foam rolling and using baseballs to loosen up. Yay for increased range of motion, and the increased strength that is coming with it!

Today’s lift was 5 sets of 5 for Front Squat. Jamie, Clayton and Kristin all did a great job. The video I post will show their final sets. Great effort and form, you three!

Once we finished this, I told them about our workout for the day; A 20-minute AMRAP. This means they complete the movements listed in order, as many times as possible in 20 minutes.

Workout of the Day:
20 Minute AMRAP of-
15 Thrusters / 20 Double-Unders (or 50 Single Jumps) / 25 Jumping Pull-Ups / 30 Ab-Mat Sit-Ups

Even though the Thrusters were only using the bar, once you start to get tired, that full range of motion on each rep gets to be pretty taxing! Great job maintaining proper form and using those hips to help get the bar overhead.

Athlete Results:
5×5 Front Squat (Weight on Final sets)-
Jamie- 135lb
Kristin- 55lbs
Clayton- 165lbs

Jamie (45lb Thrusters / 50 Single Jumps)- 3 Full Rounds + 28 Sit-ups (2 REPS from 4 full rounds!)
Clayton (45lb Thrusters / 50 Single Jumps)- 4 Full Rounds + 15 Sit-ups (HUGE improvement on the Jumping!)
Kristin (15lb Thrusters / 20 Double-Unders)- 5 Full Rounds + 15 Thrusters (Doubles are getting better and better)

  1. clayton says:

    Love the pro america view at 1:56. CrossFit rules!

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