The name Sunday Funday has officially spread, so… WELCOME TO SUNDAY FUNDAY!

We hadn’t been using barbells much on Sundays, so I decided that we’d change that this week. The workout tonight included some short-distance rowing to really get our heart rate up, and then three other movements. We did Squat Jumps to simulate exploding up from the bottom of a squat, then we did Push Press so simulate getting a weight off of our shoulders, to locked out overhead powerfully. The final movement combined all of those movements; it was the Slam Ball Toss. You’ll see in the videos what exactly that is, but let me just tell you it’s harder than it looks.

Check out Alon and Andy rowing their 250m distance during this round. For guys who are very new to rowing, especially at high intensity levels, these guys are CRUSHING it. Well done!

Workout of the Day:
3 Rounds for Time
15 Push Press / 15 Squat Jumps / 250m Row / 15 Slam Ball Throws

Athlete Results:
Andy (45# Push Press / 30# Slam Ball)- 21:28
Casey (35# Push Presss / 40# Slam Ball)- 21:48
Wes (75# Push Press / 50# Slam Ball)- 22:40
Alon (45# Push Press / 30# Slam Ball)- 24:17
Jamie (75# Push Press / 50# Slam Ball)- 25:12
Krystle (15# Push Press / 20# Slam Ball)- 26:17

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