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Here’s last week’s recap and my goals for the upcoming week.

Last week:

  • Fitness
    • Snatch day included 3 singles at 83%, which for me is 205lbs. Always glad to not miss a single snatch rep over 200lbs!
    • Deadlift day called for a moderately heavy triple. I wanted to hit 405lbs with no belt and feel strong, and I did.
    • I was convinced to do the workout Triple Three with some friends this morning. That’s a 3,000m Row, 300 Double-Unders, then a 3-mile Run. My goal was to finish under 40 minutes… but I did not. Double-Unders were a disaster today, otherwise it would have happened.
      • Row was done in 11:33 (1:56.9, 1:56.9, 1:56.0, 1:54.3, 1:53.0 or so pacing by 200m), DU’s mostly in sets of 20-30, and then my run was a 22:54 (7:48, 7:44, 7:17 splits). Final Time: 40:25
  • Other
    • “Drive Time with Smashby “is a segment I used to feature on my blog years ago. With a few questions from some of you piling up that you wanted me to answer, instead of waiting for the perfect time to answer them in writing I’m going back to finding time to answer them when I can; driving from job to job! The question this week had to do with how to approach jealousy in the gym.

This week:

  • The alarm goes off just after 4am Monday through Thursday, so getting to bed earlier is going to be a must.
  • Leave for vacation on Thursday! Just need to pack and clean during my free hours this week. I cannot wait!

Alright, your turn. What’s going on with all of you?

Pic of the week is of my little man, Bacon the Corgi. It feels so good to come home every night and have this little guy run up and greet me! He may only weigh 24lbs, but these judgey eyes know they really run the house. This look said, “I know you needed your second hand to take the picture, but that means that it stopped petting me for a second. Please place your hand on my back once again. Thank you very much, sir.”


Here’s last week’s recap and my goals for the upcoming week.

Last week:

  • Fitness
    • I probably had one of my best weeks of fitness in a long time!
    • Snatched 240lbs for the first time in over 3 years
    • Split Jerk 310lbs for the first time in over a year
    • Oh, and a week ago, I did a BACKFLIP for the first time!! Thanks to the crew at i99fit (Coach Anthony, specifically) for teaching me how in 45 MINUTES!
      • Here’s a video they shared that shows the progression of drills he took me through! So much fun!
  • Other
    • It was my birthday last week! I spent time outside in the sun, visited some breweries and played games with wifey, hung out with friends, and didn’t need to set an alarm to get up early on Saturday morning!
    •  Went to my first Red Rocks Amphitheater concert of the year. Wednesday, Em woke up and asked if I wanted to go to the show. I’m not usually one to turn down a chance to go to Red Rocks, so we went and saw Kygo. It was a good show, and definitely got me excited for some of the shows I’m really looking forward to this year!
    • I said I wanted to mow this week, and I did. Between that, whacking some weeds, and helping Em pull weeds for a bit, the back yard is ready for summertime hangouts!

This week:

  • I didn’t get to reading/studying for my nutrition certification because of my birthday shenanigans, but will this week.
  • I learned to do a backflip, right? Well, then I didn’t practice them at all during the week! This week, one day, I’ll do my first backflip attempt “in the wild” and remind myself that I know how to do them now.

Alright, your turn. What’s going on with all of you?

Pic of the week comes from parts of my birthday celebration. Friends took me out to lunch to celebrate, and I got bday tequila shot! How fun is that? I also got green golf balls, tees, and a new green golf glove. Guess I need to brush the dust off of my clubs and get ready to play! Then on Saturday night, I got some late-night pizza from a place I haven’t been to in YEARS! And yes, it was still delicious!

Here’s last week’s recap and my goals for the upcoming week.

Last week:

  • Fitness
    • After tweaking my back last week, the last thing I wanted to do was make it worse. With the craziest schedule I’ve had in months, I essentially took the week off from training. While it didn’t feel good to not work out as much as I would have liked, I am glad that I’m feeling so much better.
    • The one day I played around in the gym a little bit was really fun! I practiced one-footed box jumps (got up to 30″ on each foot), did some sled pushes and pulls, linked two strict muscle-ups for the first time ever, and did a silly handstand walk sled pull for the first time. Playing and having fun is so important, so I’m really glad I did that! Here’s a video of some of my silliness!
  • Other
    • Plenty of grilled meats for food, protein pancakes for snacks, and salads prepped for the week! Even though I didn’t work out much, nutrition was better. It’s true that failing to prepare is preparing to fail.
    • Did a little more studying for my nutrition certification. As I said above, it was an absolutely insane week, but I at least made some progress.

This week:

  • Back to the regular grind this week, less one-off appointments, which means it should be easier to plan for meals and training.
  • Another full week of training again. My goal is to hit it 5 days this week!
  • Finish a chapter in my nutrition book.
  • Mow the lawn for the first time this year! After some snow tomorrow, it’ll just get warmer for the rest of the week. That makes me happy!

Alright, your turn. What’s going on with all of you?

Pic of the week comes from the Red Rocks Beer Garden. A friend of a friend opened this awesome spot, which is just minutes from Red Rocks Amphitheater. All Colorado beers, wines, and ciders! I’ll definitely be going to before concerts this summer. You should definitely check it out!


Here’s last week’s recap and my goals for the upcoming week.

Last week:

  • Fitness
    • On Monday we worked to a heavy 1RM Power Snatch. I was not impressed with my technique, but got up to 220lbs.
    • I always talk about the importance of lifting safely over lifting heavy weight. On Wednesday of last week, I strained my back a bit on a deadlift. What stinks, is that the set before (405lbs for 5 reps) felt great, and my set-up for the last set looked good to me. Sigh.
    • My goal this week is to make sure my back feels stronger before picking up heavy things again. I’m not out here trying to get hurt!
  • Other
    • Grilled food and meal prepped for over two hours this weekend. Hoping that gets me through at least most of the week!
    • I finally started studying for my nutrition certification. I know it’s going to be a long process, but I figured it was a great day to start chipping away. Here’s to making a bit of progress every week!
    • I ALSO finally started playing on my DJ gear on Friday night. I figured it was a perfect place to announce that the potentially greatest distraction of the year began the day after I started studying by reading books… like a student. Wish me luck!

This week:

  • Be smart with training. Recover and don’t get hurt.
  • I’ve got a few really long days, so I’ll have to be more efficient with my time and waste less of it. Taking meals with me for the day at 4-something AM when I leave the house and won’t get home until after 8pm is annoying, but if I want to be healthier, I have to do it.
  • I will lose 3lbs this week (between tomorrow and Friday). It may seem like a random goal, but last week I had beer in the house (that I drank) and this week I do not. If I can at least keep myself moving a few days this week, this should be an easy one. Drinking alcohol doesn’t help with losing weight, but I would rather have a beer here and there then not. So I do. Only one month until my next vacation!

Alright, your turn. What’s going on with all of you?

Pic of the week is from my laptop. This is what it looks like when I decide to mix together three songs from Skrillex on my first day of DJing. Totally normal and I am definitely acting my age. Thanks.


Here’s last week’s recap and my goals for the upcoming week.

Last week:

  • Fitness
    • The 2018 CrossFit Games Open is over!!! We did ittttt!!!
    • For workout 18.5, I retested and got ten more reps. This was a big deal for me because I was a little bummed that “in six years I only improved three reps” (from my first attempt.) I paced the second go-round better, was a little bit more fearless, and trusted that I’d have enough juice in the tank to hang on. I’m happy with how this Open season ended, and I’m really proud of so many of the athletes I got to watch compete. Great job, friends!
  • Health
    • Another good week of meal prep in the books. I don’t think I went out to eat for lunch (due to lack of planning) a single day, and always had food relatively closeby.
    • Since I wasn’t staying up super late to record the Open workout strategy videos, I got quite a bit more sleep, too! I won’t tell you how much “quite a bit more” is, but hey… celebrate the small victories. I promise I’m working on sleeping more!

This week:

  • Need to fine-tune things on completing taxes, so when that’s done, I can breathe a little bit easier. Can’t wait!
  • Some of you might remember the speech I gave at the Annual Conference of Urologists in Florida last year. I was asked to speak at another event of theirs here in town, and the big day is this Saturday. I’m really excited, and flattered to have been invited back. It’s going to be a big weekend of work-related things, but at least I enjoy the work I do, right?

Alright, your turn. What’s going on with all of you?

Pic of the week is of the newest addition to our home gym… our very own Concept2 Rower! I still haven’t even touched it yet, but it’s here! Excited to hopefully get in a bit more cardio when life slows down a little bit.

And we’re baaaaaack!

After a July that was absolutely insane on SO many levels, the blog is back and kicking. The first series of posts that are making their way back from the archives will be our “The Numbers” posts, that highlight my Sunday Funday class at CrossFit Lakewood. I try to make these classes (which are available to all CF Lakewood and CF Golden members) as fun as possible, many weeks putting athletes together in team format.

Every few weeks, we’ll also tend to do some sort of a benchmark set, whether that’s a 400m run, 500m row, max dead-hang from a pull-up bar, etc… On these posts, I’ll try to share picture of the workouts, results, and any benchmarks we do, as well as an action shot/video or two if I get some good ones.

All-in-all, I hope these posts serve as fun little memories into our time together on Sunday afternoons… the best way to start the week!

This week’s workout included SUPER-FAST “Alon-style” Burpees, Shoulder Presses, and Kettlebell swings, paired with a short little run. In only 12 minutes, how hard could it be, right? 🙂

Smashby Training, Sunday Funday, CrossFit Lakewood, 7-29 WOD and Results

The workout and results

After that, we ended class with a nice little 1,000m row (as a pair). The goal here was to not only have each person complete a max-effort 500m row, but also see how fast a team could complete a full 1,000m.

Smashby Training, Sunday Funday, CrossFit Lakewood, 7-29 WOD and Results, Rowing, 7-29 Row Results

Team Row Results – Do you see your team name?

You all did a GREAT job! Happy Sunday Funday, everyone!

Smashby Training, Sunday Funday, CrossFit Lakewood, 7-29 WOD and Results, Rowing

Jilly-Bean and crew getting AFTER it!


Workout #1

Overhead Med Ball Wall Sits!

CrossFit, Smashby Training, Sunday Funday, Wall Sits

That's a lot of Wall-Sitters!

Workout #2

It’s Sunday Funday! And I think that made me realize that I have a problem. When I went back and checked my phone after class, I realized I had almost 10 videos that I took during class. All of which I thought were awesome!

Since I can’t pick which ones are the best, I still uploaded them all to my Smashby Training YouTube Channel. While I won’t post them all here, feel free to check out the channel and view them there!

Today’s workout was inspired by the Tahoe Throwdown hosted between Rogue Fitness and Again Faster Equipment a few months ago. Some of the best CrossFit athletes in the world were put in the same place for a week or so, and all they did was hang out and work out. Sounds pretty awesome, if you ask me!

The workout variation I had our athletes do tonight was like this:
In teams of 3, every athlete picks up a bar from the ground. While only working one person at a time, the athletes must complete 50 total reps of Front Squat.

BUT, if someone had to set their bar down, the entire team had to do 5 burpees! After that, the team worked together to row a total of 3,000 meters. Once that’s done…. do it all again for a second round! I’m really proud of how well you guys did with this, and the teamwork was awesome.

After that, we had a little dessert for the first time in a while. At 3 different stations, the team was to select one person to complete as many reps as possible of one movement (they were sit-up, push-ups and air squat). The team with the most reps at the end of 3 minutes was named the winner.

Thanks so much for Mike Davis for coming down and hanging out with us for a Sunday Funday! And thanks to all of you for making Casey’s final Sunday Funday workout before she leaves for COLLEGE a great one! We miss you already, Casey!

Workout of the Day:
2 Rounds for Time (done as a team)
50 Front Squats / 3,000 Meter Row

Looks like some burpees got dished out towards the end of Round 2’s Front Squats!

Here’s the final transition on the rower as team KAB finishes the workout. I LOVE the support from everyone else, and Kip’s fight on the rower!

Finally, a “Dessert” video. One minute of max Air Squats. In case you’re wondering, no. This video is not sped up at all. Those guys are really moving that fast! WOW.

CrossFit, Smashby Training, Sunday Funday, Group Shot

What a good-looking crew!

CrossFit, Smashby Training, Sunday Funday, Results

Today's Results!

Sunday Funday!!

We got a little crazy today, I’m not going to lie to you. I told you guys that our time together on Sunday would be “constantly varied.” Tonight was definitely varied, wasn’t it? Either way, you all did an amazing job of pushing through!

Two workouts today. The first was a 10-minute AMRAP. The second, a 21-15-9 with a bit of a twist. Read below for what they were, specifically, and check out the first ever installment of “Video Results.”

What do you think?

Workout of the Day

WOD #1
As Many Rounds As Possible in 10 Minutes:
5 Squat Jumps / 10 Hand-Release Push-Ups / 15 Sit-Ups / 20 Jumping Jacks

WOD #2
Ball Slams / Overhead Walking Lunge Steps (each Leg)
After each round, carry Slam Ball 100m

Feel good moment of the day for me was watching Wes and Casey (father and daughter) finish the workout together. You guys are so awesome!

Aaaaaaaaand, here are your results! See you guys next Sunday!

Sunday Funday!

As always, we try to keep it classy on Sundays, and today was no exception. During the week, we had a few people request some fun with tires. Well guess what, you got it!
It was the first time that some people had ever even worked with a tire, so that was fun, too!

First, some Tire Flips

Then, we continued the “Time Trial” test that we started last week. This week’s event… sledge swings! It was also the first time that some folks had ever used a sledgehammer. As usual, though, you are learn SO FAST and picked it up so well.

CrossFit, Smashby Training, Sunday Funday, Sledge Swings

Swinging hammers like bauses!

Megan asked after the challenge… “Was that the WOD?” The best thing in the world happened right after that. Our very own Annie looked at Megan… and just started laughing. Thank you for making my day, Annie! 🙂

NOW it was time to head inside and get to the main WOD of the day.

Workout of the Day
12 Minutes – As Many Rounds as Possible:
6 Wall Balls / 12 Hand-Release Push-Ups / 24 Total Steps Walking Lunge

For only a 12 minute workout, people said they were pretty fried after this one. I was guessing the shoulders would be worked pretty well with THREE arm-intensive movements! Great job, everybody!

For the results today, we’ve got both the Max Sledge Swings AND the number of rounds each athlete was able to complete during the Workout.

CrossFit, Smashby Training, Sunday Funday, Results 1

Group 1's Results

CrossFit, Smashby Training, Sunday Funday, Results 2

Group 2's results