The day started off pretty cold and rainy, but by the time the 6pm class rolled around it was a beautiful day! What better way to start another amazing CrossFit class then by doing the…

Best. Warm-Up. Ever. CROSSFIT DODGE BALL!!!
Regular dodgeball rules apply, but if you get hit, you need to do either Burpees or Air Squats.

A little bummed I missed Orion getting tagged in the face with one (he was fine, relax), but still an awesome time!

This one might look more complicated than it really is, so let me just explain it.
There are three exercises, each of which requires 21 reps. The are KB Swing, Goblet Squats and Pull-Ups. Run 100m before each one of those. Do all of that three times!

3 Rounds for Time
100m Sprint / 21 Kettle Bell Swings, 24kg/16kg / 100m Sprint / 21 Goblet squats, 24kg/16kg / 100m Sprint / 21 Pull-ups




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