Back in January I posted a video of me and Orion working out, and asked if you guys enjoyed watching the Trainers WOD together. The feedback was yes, so here’s April’s video!

I have footage from a February and March workout, too. So look for those to surface soon!

The workout was a 15 minute pyramid featuring three movements: Wall Balls, Chest-to-Bar Pull-Ups and Ab-Mat Sit-Ups. That means that once the clock starts you do one rep of each, then two reps of each. You continue climbing as high as you can until the clock hits 15:00, then you’re done!

Orion used a THIRTY pound medicine ball. I only used a 20 pounder.

Good stuff. Let me know what you guys think of the video.

  1. Willy says:

    Nice video, Smashby! Gonna have to try that later this week. What was that pad you were using for sit-ups?

    • Willy, glad you liked the workout. Orion came up with that one!

      The pad is called an Ab-Mat. To quote the Again Faster site:

      “Filling the space between the floor and the lumbar arch, it supports the spine and allows activation of the lower abdominals during situps.
      Without the AbMat, the load is unavoidably thrown from the quads to the upper abdominals, placing stress on the spine, bypassing the lower abs, and resulting in an incomplete movement.”

      Basically we use them to make sit-ups about the abs, and putting less stress on the low-back. It’s a pretty cheap piece of equipment that really helps! (You can put your feet under some dumbbells and do “anchored” sit-ups, too.)

      Let me know how the workout goes for you, buddy!

  2. Willy says:

    Thanks for the tip, Tom. I’m going to have to look into investing in one of those.

    Results were: 12 Full rounds, 13 wall balls and 8 pull-ups with a 10 lb. med ball (it was the heaviest thing I could find). Tore the heck out of my hands since I’m not used to doing kipping pull-ups.

  3. Smashby says:

    Great score, Willy! We need to get you out here to Denver to work out with us 🙂

    Welcome to the tear club, too!

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