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Posted: April 26, 2011 in CrossFit, Media, Training
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Easter Sunday Funday!!!

I took a LOT of videos today, and I’m going to post them all. Why? Because for the folks who were there, this will be a lot of fun to relive! I decided to make a hop-tastic Easter Sunday Funday workout, and today we did burpees, jumped rope, stick jumps, broad jumps… I mean, it was fun!

We also changed things up a bit and did a team workout today. I told you guys once the crew started to grow a bit that we’d be able to do this, and we had 9 people show up today! On Easter Sunday!

Orion and Greg did a workout yesterday, and took the idea right out of my head! I left their set-up for class today, and appropriately called it… THE HOPPER!

The workout today was three rounds, but after each round, we had a little “Intermission”. The first one was Wall-Sit Med Ball Passes… we started with 14lbs, and passed it back and forth three times.

After that I asked, “How heavy was that ball?” When I heard it was “only 14 pounds” we decided to up the weight and try it again. And we did this for every weight all the way up to the THIRTY POUND Ball! I was pretty impressed with the team holding that ball for 1-second each and making it down and back!

We had a few people absolutely crush the Burpees in the workout today! It was Mike’s first time ever doing them, Alon turned on a new gear of speed I had yet to see in him and Heather flew threw her 10, too!

Our second “Intermission” featured a little competition between teams. Everyone had to do a Wall Sit just holding their own med ball for as long as they could. The last person standing got their team out of a “Penalty Set” AND got to choose the movement that the other two teams needed to do 15 reps of before the final round of the workout.

Here’s the EPIC battle between Jamie and Kip at the end! By the way, Jamie chose for them to have to do Slam Balls 🙂

As tough as the workout was, I think everyone had a really good time today. Right, guys? Right? 🙂

One last look at “The Hopper!”

It was such a fun day with the growing Sunday Funday Crew! Thanks so much for everyone for making it a really fun Easter Sunday class!

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Easter Sunday Funday Crew!

  1. Heather Beck says:

    Lot’s of great video’s! This was a fun workout, I was spent afterward…. Perfect way to end my Easter Sunday!! Nothing better than feeling like you end your weekend strong!

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