Tonight I was given the opportunity to work out WITH the athletes in the 6:00pm class, so I jumped on it! That means there is no video from the class. Just trust me…. it was awesome.

Strength work for today was Overhead Squats. I always tell the class that I think this is one of (if not the) hardest lifts to complete because it requires flexibility in the hamstrings AND the shoulder… as well as a super strong core. Go figure, people were PR-ing all over the place. YOU GUYS RULE!

Today’s main workout came from the 2011 Regionals Competition that will be happening in a few weeks. Run far, do handstand push-ups then row far. Ready… go! 🙂

Workout of the Day:
Overhead Squat 5 / 3 / 3 / 3 / 1 / 1 / 1

Run 1000m / 30 Handstand Push-Ups / Row 1000m

Please post your Overhead Squat Weights to the comments section!

  1. Casey says:

    85lbs for 1 rep

  2. Heather says:

    First time doing the overhead squats last night in class. WOW!! Defiantly a difficult one for me but finally felt like I was getting better at it the last few reps. My weight was 55#.

  3. Jamie says:

    125 lbs for 1 rep. I think i could have added weight and done 1 more rep, but we ran out of time. I only got halfway through the handstand pushups before having to move to hand release push ups. That might be a good goal to add to the board!

    • Smashby says:

      Jamie, you looked SO STRONG doing that lift! You could definitely go up! And I love the idea about adding a specific Handstand Push-Up goal to the board! Maybe… 3 Unassisted in a row by August 1st? Think about it!

  4. Ben Sappey says:

    55#. I’m sore today.

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