The Numbers: 6/1/11

Posted: June 2, 2011 in CrossFit, Media, Training

Today’s workout came to us from the CrossFit main site. It was one of those workouts where I saw it and just said… “Really?” 150 Pull-Ups and 150 Burpees is a lot of reps of each of those movements. Doing 150 of BOTH in the same workout is just crazy!

I’ll tell you what, though, the athletes at CrossFit Lakewood did an INCREDIBLE job today of staying focused and pushing through! I’m really proud of you guys!

My personal highlight today comes from Jamie Slater. It seems like just a few weeks ago he did his first workout with NO assist bands on the pull-ups. Today… Jamie did ALL 150 with NO assistance! CONGRATS, JAMIE!!!!

CrossFit, Smashby Training, CrossFit Lakewood, Burpee, Pull-Up

Strong work today, everyone!

Workout of the Day:
50 Pull-ups / 10 Burpees / 40 Pull-ups / 20 Burpees / 30 Pull-ups / 30 Burpees / 20 Pull-ups / 40 Burpees / 10 Pull-ups / 50 Burpees

Check out the crew!

Legit reps everywhere!

So proud of you!

  1. Jamie says:

    My hands thank the CrossFit main site for coming up with this workout!

    I actually liked it, when are we doing it again?!?!

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