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Posted: July 7, 2011 in CrossFit, Media, Training
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Below is a post from CrossFit Lisbeth. This woman is amazing. Thank you, Lisbeth, for another gem.

Those of you who know me have hopefully seen that I feel having “Faith” in life is incredibly important. We control so much more than we want to admit sometimes, and that can be really scary. Having some faith in yourself, in your choices and in your hopes and dreams… and then working towards them with 100% of your heart and soul is such an empowering way of life. It’s one that I’m working on every single day.

I’ve made some major changes in my life recently (in terms of following my passions), and I’ll blog about those another time, but there are also some changes I haven’t made yet. Mostly because I’ve been afraid of “not knowing” what would happen next. Like I said, I’m working on it. But if you’re willing to put 100% of your being into those things that are important to you, then all you have left to do is believe, have faith and know that whatever happens next was meant to be.

Love this post, Lisbeth.

Faith – by Lisbeth

Faith: you got to have it.

I’m not talking about “throw your hands up to Jesus” faith. You can have that or not, I don’t really care — that’s up to you.

I’m talking about faith in yourself. In the person next to you. In your loved ones. In what you’re doing here. In your life.

Faith that if things are bad, they’ll get better. Faith that if you work hard, dreams will come true. Faith that love is out there, waiting for you in so many ways — you just have to open your eyes.

Without faith, life is kind of mean. You look over your shoulder all the time. You expect the worse. You prepare for the letdown. And so the dark dreams come to pass. Your life feels hollow and dry and interspersed only with random points of happiness. Joy eludes you and seems always to sit in other people’s pockets.

Without faith, the bar is always too heavy, the kettlebell is too much, the pull-up bar is too high, there are too many muscle-ups in the workout. You’re not a gymnast after all, right?

You can feel this way. You can be this way. It’s probably valid.

Or you can just say “F**k it.”

Life isn’t perfect. The bar is heavy, but I’m going to lift it. The pull-up bar is too high but I can get there. The other guy got this promotion but I’m getting the next one. That spot on the x-ray? F**k it: I can beat that. So he left me? Yeah, there are a million other fish in the sea. F** it all.

I‘m here. I’m strong. And I’m not going anywhere. I got faith.

Your life. Your choice. Your ending is happy or sad, your life is happy or sad, your day is happy or sad — depending not on the circumstances in it, but on how you view things.

So don’t come to me with your stories of woe. Don’t come to me with your self-pity and your Poor Me Syndrome. Come to me with your victories of the spirit, with your smiles and joy. Same breeds same. With every breath and every thought, you decide what you want more of. Choose darkness, or have faith. Of this you can be certain: Life will reply.

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