The Numbers: 7/6/11

Posted: July 7, 2011 in CrossFit, Media, Training
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As I write this post I can say with certainty that today’s workout was a lower back FRYER for me! First some heavy deadlifts with a twist (where instead of letting the weight down fast, you lowered the bar to the ground on a 6-second count each rep), followed by a Tabata Workout with deadlifts AND burpees. Wow. My lower back is already sore from the deadlifts, so tomorrow is going to feel great!

Some of the incredible highlights today came from the weight that some of our athletes were pulling off of the ground. Brooke Pendergraft pulling 295 for her deadlift and still lowering it down… made it look EASY. Are you all going to stop getting stronger? Or do I just need to get used to this? šŸ™‚

Workout of the Day:
Dead Lift 3×3 Warm-up. Then 5×1 @ 85%, 5×1 @ 90%-100%+
6 Sec control on the way down

Deadlift (185#/115#) / Burpee

8 Rounds each station of 20 sec on 10 off, alternating between deadlift and burpee. Score is total reps

You guys are the best.

  1. G-DUB says:

    We will never stop getting stonger!!! Getting sore, in my opinion, is your body telling you that you can improve and that you can push your body to new limits. The day I stop getting sore is the day I stop getting stronger.

    Be A Renegade

    • Smashby says:

      With working in SOME rest to let your body heal and get stronger than ever, I agree with you 100%, Greg! It’s such a great feeling, isn’t it?

      We’re lucky enough to experience that on an almost daily basis, and to watch other incredible people go through it with us. I’m so thankful for our “family” and look forward to many more sore days. Even if I do get weird looks when I’m walking funny the day after a workout!

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