The Numbers: 8/4/11

Posted: August 4, 2011 in CrossFit, Media, Training
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Today’s strength portion of the workout introduced a new movement for many athletes: the one-legged deadlifts. Most of the work today was to learn balance and technique, but you all did an awesome job! We only lifted kettlebells in the afternoon, and everyone only used one, so balance was even more important!

After that we had a quick workout today. It’s a Benchmark CrossFit workout called Annie. The only two movements are Double-Unders and Ab-Mat Sit-Ups, and you go from 50 of each in decreasing intervals of 10, down to 10 of each. Pretty simple.

My favorite moment of the day happened in class tonight, so read below the first video to see what it was. SO awesome!

Workout of the Day

One Leg Deadlifts

Double Unders (mod = x3 single unders) / Sit-ups

Check out Nicole LEARNING Double-Unders for the first time EVER tonight…. and then doing 150 of them in the workout! This was the highlight of my day. GREAT JOB, Nicole!

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