Clayton introduced me to this song a while ago. It’s called “Through The Fire And Flames” by a group named Dragonforce (the link is to their “OFFICIAL Music Video”). To me, this song is the epitome “Face-melting” rock and roll. Something you’d expect to see in a bonus round of an old Japanese video game or something.

Given my pretty eclectic interest of music, I DO think there is a time and a place for music like this (if not in relatively small doses so your heart rate doesn’t explode).

The reason for this Thought of the Day, though, is to also share with you guys the World Record Attempt that two kids made to play this song on Guitar Hero’s Expert Level. There is no doubt in my mind that what they do here… is incredible. But how many hours did it take these two to get to THIS level of accuracy, coordination and quite frankly rhythm?

This lead me to my question, how much time is too much for one to spend on a “HOBBY”?

I spend a LOT of time coaching, training, reading and learning about CrossFit. I mean a lot. But it’s just a hobby of mine! I was wondering this because I found myself judging these kids while watching their amazing video. “How much time did they spend inside playing video games when they COULD have been… (insert any other parent line here)?”

I have no idea why I cared what they could have been doing, but CrossFit has taken me to a point where I think improving one’s fitness level is a “worthwhile” dedication of time. Who’s to say that crushing video games isn’t worthwhile? So I wondered, is there too much time that can be spent on things that a person does just because they like it? Or does everyone else (me, in this case) need to shut up and mind their own business?

Not every act in the world needs to add value, but I feel like someone who volunteers to build schools in a third world country in their “free time” would be looked at a lot more favorably than someone who works towards building the tallest stack of playing cards because that’s what makes them happy.

Does it matter?

Not even a complete thought on this post today, but I just thought I’d share the ridiculous thought process I went through today. Oh well, back to watch the video one more time and play air guitar like a baus!!

Happy Thursday. That is all.

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