Thought of the Day: 9/18/11

Posted: September 18, 2011 in CrossFit, Media, Training
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They’re trying to create an place of acceptance and tolerance. They hope to foster an atmosphere of not judging one another.

I’ll let you guys take this one. What do you think?

At least this news broadcast isn’t joking about their culture, either. Check out these three Planet Fitness commercials.

Did I laugh out loud at each of them? Yes.
Will I ever join a Planet Fitness? No.

  1. Heather says:

    What a freakin’ joke!! This is hilarious!!! I’m re-posting this on Facebook once I get on my lap top. I’m seriously sitting with my jaw hanging down!! Wow!!!!

  2. Willy says:

    You know you’re not telling the truth when you say:

    “It’s very embarrassing, it’s an insult”

    …and then you not only turn around get the local news channel to do a story about it, but accept the offer to do an interview.

    Planet Fitness is obviously marketing themselves towards the casual weightlifters and exercisers that aren’t as serious about their routine, but I do understand their policy – you have to draw the line somewhere, and it can get a little excessive at times.

    I joined a Gold’s Gym back in 2005. Needless to say I won’t ever be members at places like that ever again. I love Crossfit because there are plenty of things I can do without an expensive gym membership to a place like that.


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