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“What is strong?”

This commercial from Saucony is awesome. I kind of wish I could have found it BEFORE the workout today! 🙂

Strong, fit, fast… to me, those are all relative terms. Strong in what way? Does strength mean emotional strength, the ability to endure many obstacles and keep going? Or does it mean to say, “I lift things up and put them down….

Fast? Fast at what? Running a 100m dash? Running a marathon? Completing an Iron Man? Fast at stacking cups?

The point of CrossFit is to be good/strong/efficient at… everything. Keep working, keep striving, and you will continue to improve and become “better than yesterday”! That’s all that matters.

Sweet commercial.

They’re trying to create an place of acceptance and tolerance. They hope to foster an atmosphere of not judging one another.

I’ll let you guys take this one. What do you think?

At least this news broadcast isn’t joking about their culture, either. Check out these three Planet Fitness commercials.

Did I laugh out loud at each of them? Yes.
Will I ever join a Planet Fitness? No.