CrossFit Blog Central: 10/28/11

Posted: October 28, 2011 in CrossFit, Media, Training
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Sometimes I think that Lisbeth Darsh is reading my mind when she posts on her blog. I literally had this same exact conversation with friends multiple times this week.

The conversation was about women. CrossFitting women in particular. And how AWESOME they are to me.

There is something that happens when you get that mix of strong, independent, athletic, humble, caring and confident… yeah, it’s pretty incredible.

What is sad, is when guys (or sometimes other women) don’t truly appreciate those qualities. I’ve found the reason (99% of the time) is jealousy. Yeah, she might be able to squat more than you, or run faster, or get more double-unders in a row, or maintain her composure better when life throws wrenches in her gears. Instead of hating, or making cynical comments, or making excuses for why she can… just take notes.


Check out her post below. Strong women: love ’em!

Never More Beautiful

~by Lisbeth

A woman is never more beautiful than when she is strong: this, I believe to be true.

There’s something about a woman showing strength and confidence that is sexy and arresting to many people. Whoever you are — man or woman — the image of a strong woman will provoke a reaction. Sometimes, this is positive. And sometimes there is a backlash.

Love strong women or hate strong women: you can have your opinion but really it doesn’t matter. You can’t change what is — that’s like trying to change the sun: pure folly.

And if the image of a strong woman bugs you? Then you really need to look closer. Look at what bothers you: really look hard. Why does it anger you? What threat is it to you? And ask yourself: what are you afraid of?

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