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Posted: November 3, 2011 in CrossFit, Media, Training
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I am working on a few things right now to add to the blog soon, and wanted to see if you guys had an interest in them so I could post them when they’re done!

1- Ask Smashby Video – There’s been a lot of things on my mind lately, and I haven’t made the time to commit them to video. It’s been too long, so I think it’s time for another Ask Smashby! What do you think? And more importantly, what would you like me to add to the “agenda”?

2- Jump Rope Product Review – It seems that, almost weekly, a new member at CrossFit Lakewood is learning, or mastering, the “Double-Under”! Not only is it inspiring, but it’s also just so much fun to watch. Once an athlete learns how to get comfortable with this movement, a smart idea might be to buy your own rope! That way when you travel you can take one with you (easy to pack/carry, can produce AMAZING workouts), and when you get to the gym, your rope will always be your perfect length!

I now own THREE different “makes and models” of jump rope, and I was planning on doing a little piece where I talk about the pros and cons of each. Do you think this would help you guys in choosing which rope would work best for you? Let me know!

3- “Overall Thoughts” on CrossFit, the fitness program, and it’s role and impact in our world today.

This written article will feature quotes and segments from blog posts and articles that I’ve come across over the last few weeks. It will essentially become my own PERSONAL social commentary as to the effectiveness of the program, the influence (positive and negative) that CrossFitters can have on the rest of the population and my own thoughts on where I see the future direction of CrossFit heading, along with some advice from me. (Since everyone cares what I think, haha!)

How does this stuff sound?

Any interest at all, guys? What else do you want to see more of?

Thank you to everyone who frequents these pages, and an even bigger THANK YOU to those of you who ENGAGE and post thoughts and comments for this dialogue to continue.

Tom “Smashby”

  1. Andy Sappey says:

    I am really struggling to get double unders with any consistancy. Anything you can do to help there will be a big deal for me.

    • Smashby says:

      I’ll do anything I can to try and help you get even better at them.
      Always remember the progress you’ve ALREADY made, though!
      We’ll get you there.

      Thanks for the feedback, Andy!

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