The Pursuit of Paleo: Cravings (w/ PaleOMG)

Posted: November 9, 2011 in Uncategorized

So CrossFit Lakewood athlete Janna, asked an AWESOME question on Monday about nutrition.  When someone as awesome as Janna asks a question, you answer 🙂

She wrote:

“I love ideas for “substitute” foods. For example, when you are craving X eat Y instead!”

To get her the best possible answer, I went to my very good friend, incredible Paleo Blogger and CrossFit SUPERSTAR, Juli Bauer!! (Oh, and bookmark her blog PaleOMG and “like” PaleOMG on Facebook right now if you haven’t already. Seriously, go ahead…. I’ll wait…)

Thanks for that and welcome back. Now, check out what Juli has to say to try and help us quench our sweet tooth, without veering too far off of the Paleo and healthy foods path. Thanks for the awesome post, JuliBauer!


Tom recently asked me to guest post on his blog about cravings. Smart man. If anyone knows about food cravings, it’s me. Food is my thing. I’m a bit obsessed with it. I think about it by the hour. I think about what I’m going to eat for lunch, for my snacks, for my weekend treat. It’s on my mind ALL.THE.TIME. So I’ve become pretty good at finding alternatives to “normal” sh*t food.
So, this post will be to the point. I really hate when people use 100+ links in their blog posts, but it will honestly be helpful for this purpose. So bare with me!

When I crave sweets:

1. Cake–I make paleo cake in a mug. It zaps the cravings. And it’s pretty damn filling.

2. Chocolate–I eat dark chocolate almonds and/or walnuts. I may or may not be eating some as I type….effing good. Probably my most favorite thing on earth. I’m not even kidding. I sometimes end up eating these 4+ nights a week. I DO NOT recommend this. I have single syndrome. I end up sitting at home, watching Disney movies, while consuming mass amounts of these. FYI, buy this junk at Whole Foods in the bulk isle. Then you don’t go overboard (it’s called self control people) or pay too much.

3. Sweets–I eat some kind of nut butter and/or coconut butter. Justin’s almond butter packets are perfect because they are already portion controlled for you. Coconut butter is stupid good. I mean, bring-tears-to-your-damn-eyes-good. There is also cacao bliss which is chocolate coconut butter. Effin-A. Coconut butter is definitely more expensive, but really worth it. Since coconut butter is so saturated fatty, it fills you up pretty damn fast and you burn it off right away in your wod. Fantastic. I have found the coconut butter packets at Vitamin Cottage in the Highlands, but I haven’t looked much at other stores.

4. Chips–If you are a person who likes salty more than sweet…well, you are weird. But I support your needs. When I need a salty snack, I’ll go for a couple different things. Either I’ll make something with bacon and sweet potatoes because bacon makes anything tastes like a savory treat. And sweet potatoes give that heavier carb feel/need. Or I’ll grab a bag of Terra Chips and get down and dirty with it. No, it’s not perfect paleo, but snacking items aren’t always completely paleo unless you want to eat carrots. Have fun with that.

Couple other random snacking items I tend to devour:

Be sure to check out some of these awesome blogs that have fantastic snacks to help you out with any craving!
Civilized Caveman Creations
Elana’s Pantry
Eat the Cookie
Dessert Stalker
Balanced Bites

Change your snacks. Change your life. And don’t EVER think that eating healthy means eating boring.


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