What are you afraid of?

That’s a pretty simple question, huh?

I would be willing to bet that most of us have at least one thing we have been wanting to do, to try, to say that we just haven’t had the courage for lately. This question kind of keeps the theme of some of the other things we’ve been discussing this week, too!

I came across this video from a friend on Facebook, and absolutely loved it! Dr. Seuss was an incredible author, and if you haven’t gone back and read some of his stories over the past few years, you should. They may seem like children’s books on one level, but the topics he discusses are oh-so-very-real.

This video was taken at Burning Man 2011, and I absolutely LOVE the creativity of it!

We cannot predict where life will take us, but we do know that wherever we go, it will be an adventure.

CrossFit says one of the ways to get fit is to “regularly learn and play new sports”. Let me take that one step more and say, “regularly learn and do things you’ve never done before!!”

Here’s to living it up, and having a great time on this adventure of ours!

  1. Brianna says:

    Love it

  2. Stacy j says:

    I’m afraid sometimes of being honest with the people I love. I’m afraid it will alienate them, make them angry, or make them leave for someone with kinder (but less true) things to say. It is a lifetime project to get better at that, but I’ve stepped out and done it, and am slowly learning that those fears are unfounded. And when they DO drive people away, because it’s happened, I have to remind myself that a good friend is always honest. Gracious, kind, loving, and HONEST. It’s scary. But good. 🙂

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