The Pursuit of Paleo: Brooke’s Challenge

Posted: September 20, 2012 in CrossFit, Nutrition, Training
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I have quite a few friends across the country that do CrossFit. From Seattle to Southern California, New York to Florida, Minnesota to Texas, I’m regularly interacting with athletes of all ages, shapes, sizes, ability levels, and experience levels with the “Most Fun and Effective Training Program in Existence!” I just coined that term, don’t steal it.

One of my very good friends is a young lady from Salt Lake City Utah, who trains at CrossFit 801. Her name is Brooke! Brooke was recently convinced by her friends to sign up for a very big food challenge. This event is called the “LuRong Living Paleo Challenge“, and it runs for 9 weeks. Why would someone want to participate in a 9-week Paleo Challenge? Well, the Lurong site tells you why: “You get all of the benefits of a Paleo Challenge you might do in your own CrossFit Affiliate: Nutritional Guidance, Goal Setting, Performance & Nutritional Tracking, etc. but with so much more!”

While I was chatting with her on the phone the other day, she told me about this challenge, and when I finished drying my eyes from laughing so hard hearing her concerns (“HOW CAN I CUT OUT BEER!?”) I had a great idea! Brooke is a CrossFitter. Brooke has a real job. Brooke has an awesome family, boyfriend, and some awesome dogs. Brooke enjoys socializing with her friends. Brooke is basically a fun and well-rounded human being! Oh, and she’s FUNNY, too! (Hmm, can I think of anyone else who is trying to lead a balanced life while still eating and performing well in the gym? Oh, most of us? Cool.) So why not see if Brooke would be willing to share her story with all of us? Her trials and tribulations of trying to eat and train as well and as consistently as possible, while maintaining the balance of a fun life. She agreed!

For the next few weeks, all I can say is Giddyup! Brooke will be writing regular blog posts about her 9-weeks completing the challenge, and hopefully you will all find some education, humor, and some relatable (dare I say inspirational) material to help prove that anyone can commit to changing their lives for the better!

Let us know what you think of this series, appropriately titled “Brooke’s Challenge”!

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