Worry no longer, my friends! While Brooke has been absent from posting for the past few days, she has returned. Check out what she’s been up to in this post!


I’m still alive!

What was the name of that Challenge I’m supposed to be doing? Just kidding! I have to apologize for my lack of updates.

In signing up for the Lurong Challenge, I was naive in thinking I could somewhat put my “life” on hold to concentrate on fitness and sticking to a strict eating plan/schedule. I had a dear friend pass away in a motorcycle accident 3 days ago. When I agreed to keep this log of how I’m feeling emotionally, mentally and physically.

That being said, for obvious reason the only thing I have been feeling is sad. Let’s talk about how this challenge has truly helped me in dealing. Yes, Saturday included a sh*t ton of whiskey & beer ! Outside of that I’ve done pretty well at eating clean for the last few days. Last week my biggest challenge with eating was finding enough snacks. (Oh how I miss chips and salsa!) Saturday we made some delicious homemade beef jerky. Thank goodness I have a boyfriend that’s a kick ass cook or I would most likely starve….or eat at my mom’s house every night…or drink my dinner.

Smashby Training, CrossFit, Paleo Challenge, Lurong Challenge, Brooke's Challenge, BrookeJerky

Homemade Jerky! YUM!

Moving on. The workouts! Cossfit801 has completed 2 of the three benchmark wods.

The first, 75 power snatches for time, 9 min. 50 sec. I think it could have been faster. I feel like that day was a big detox day for me. I was super shaky and felt lite headed. I was also a huge bitch this day. No snack, no sugar, needed food. Sorry, everyone around me!

The second was yesterday, 20 burpees 20 KB swings X5 rounds, 12 min. 20 sec. Despite everything going on right now, yesterday felt awesome! It was 12 min. 20 sec. of forgetting everything around me and just trying to push myself hard!
Check out my new kicks. Pretty sure they’re going to make me run faster and lift heavier 🙂

CrossFit, Smashby Training, Pursuit of Paleo, Lurong Challenge, BrookeShoes

How do you like my new shoes? I LOVE them!

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