“So sick. SO. SICK. WOW! That was awesome!”

Those are the words I just said out loud… to myself… by myself, in my apartment. It’s not sick as in gross. I’m “that guy” who uses words like sick and epic to describe things he thinks are cool. Think that’s annoying? Deal with it, I’m not ashamed.

Alright, gut check time. I have said a few times over the past few months that I am going to start being more real and more raw on this blog. It all started from a conversation with Alon, in which he commented on a video I made and said, “Tom… how did that topic REALLY make you feel?” As in, “you gave us SOME of the real you, but not all of it. We came to YOUR blog to hear YOUR thoughts. Give it to us, straight.”

So I’m trying.

This commercial that I’m pasting below basically embodies who I THINK I am as a coach, and I freaking LOVE feeling like that! Feeling that I can look at any athlete, regardless of their experience level, ability levels, or confidence level, and TRULY think to myself… Let’s do this. You CAN do anything.

Most (all?) of you who have trained with me know that I hate (yep, hate) phrases like “I can’t.” Instead, I prefer conversations like one that I had with the amazing Casey Polk once:

Casey- “I SUCK at running!”
Me- *Disappointed stare*
Casey- “UGH! I mean… I am excited to have the opportunity to improve my running today.”
Casey- *Sly smile because she realized how much better it felt to say it that way.*

Even typing that has me smiling like a goon over here.

So that’s why I started this blog. I started it to share, and communicate, and interact, and help, and offer resources to you guys. My “readers”, the athletes that I am lucky enough to train, my friends. And to hopefully bring a smile to your face that comes close to matching the ones that you all give me every day.

So here’s to hoping that we can continue to grow these relationships together. Because even though the main goal of this blog is to try and help you, it sure as hell helps me a lot, too! Keeping this a two-way street will make this a lot more fun for all of us. (Otherwise, I’ll just keep posting more Parkour and Snowboarding videos, since that’s what I like!…. and you’ll still get those things, I’d just like to post things YOU want to see/learn/talk about, too!)

You guys are amazing. And like I said above, I really do think you can do anything you put your minds to and believe in. Sometimes I’ll just believe in it a little more at first!


  1. Fran says:

    Tom, I remember my first REAL workout with CrossFit Lakewood. I was laying on the floor crying (yes, crying like a baby…okay, maybe even bawling) after the workout. You came and sat by my side and told me “the truth”…you didn’t candy-coat it…you said, it’s not gonna be easy and it never will be (not what I wanted to hear); each time I reach a goal and it becomes easier, I will set another goal which will make it hard again. You encouraged me to stick with it and I would see results and start to love it. Well, a year+ later, I CAN see results and NO, it has NEVER gotten easier because I do set new goals. CrossFit has truly changed my life and I am FABULOUS AT 50! Can’t imagine life without CrossFit, but truly believe if you hadn’t given me that pep talk I may not be where I am at today! Thank you for the truth, coach!

    • Smashby says:

      Fran, I remember that same exact workout. I think it ended with you finishing up with some singles of some (heavily) banded pull-ups. I told you that you could do it, and the entire time you kept saying (even through the tears), “I know! I can do it!” You’ve always been that way, and that’s only ONE of the reasons why people love you so much!

      One of the concepts I learned early on in CrossFit was this:
      It never gets easier. Ever. You either do it faster, or with more weight. SO powerful, but that’s why 4+ years in, I’m still so interested and motivated to keep trying to get better, because there is NO ceiling. We can ALWAYS get better at something.

      What you’re doing, in setting regular goals, and then NEW ones WHEN you reach the others, is what it’s all about. So proud of all of the progress you’ve already made, and more excited to see the progress you CONTINUE to make!

      And for the record, you were fabulous way before 50 🙂
      Thank you for everything, Fran!

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