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Arthur Boorman’s story is incredible. I first saw the video below years ago, and just had to write about it on my blog. Arthur was a disabled veteran of the Gulf War for 15 years. Through years of being a paratrooper, his knees and back slowly started to deteriorate. After gaining a lot of weight, he was no longer able to walk without assistance. Doctors told him he would never walk without support again.

One day, he came across an article that talked about famous professional wrestler, Diamond Dallas Page, and how he had been practicing Yoga. The article inspired Arthur to give it a shot. As you can imagine, the road was a rough one. Progress started slow and he fell often. But he never gave up. DDP took interest in his story, and began communicating with, encouraging, and supporting Arthur through his journey. He ended up losing 140lbs in 10 months, and just a little bit more physical independence!

Watch the awesome video below, share it with someone you know who might need a little pick-me-up, and remember… through consistency, discipline, a strong support network, and a well-thought-out training program, so much is possible!

I swear every time I watch this. Every time! I’m not crying, YOU’RE crying!


(picture from


I can’t believe we’re already into 2014, but I will tell you what, I’m stoked for what I’m confident will be one of the best years. Ever.

As many people come out swinging with their New Year’s Resolutions, I’m sure that will mean a new wave of athletes walking into CrossFit gyms all over the country for the first time. Now unlike some, I try not to “hate” on people who are making a positive change in their lives. So if your goal is to lose weight, get in shape, or Clean and Jerk 300lbs, more power to you. If CrossFit is something you’re giving a shot for the first time, welcome to the family! For those of use who are already in the CrossFit world, let’s gear up for another awesome year in the gym!

Now one of the things I love sharing on my blog are articles out there related to CrossFit in general. “Why it’s so dangerous”, “How to deal with your changing body”, “How to eat like a champion”, etc, it’s all fun for me to read and share. And knowing how many people read this blog who are all at different stages in the CrossFit “career”, I figure at least one person out there will be able to relate to at least one of the posts that I share. And if it helps even ONE person, it’s worth it for me to put it on my blog. Even if it’s not the most relevant topic for you, you probably know at least a few people who are starting CrossFit, and can benefit from the “10 Things to Know Before Starting CrossFit” type articles.

So, without further ado, the first “Link Drop” of CrossFit-related articles of 2014. Like em? Share em! Which ones do you like the most and why? Excited for the feedback from you guys and gals.

Article 1-
Is CrossFit ‘Destroying the World?’ 10 Tips to Make Sure It Doesn’t

Good reference for the new CrossFitter, with some things to look for when trying to pick your gym.

Article 2-
Finding Success in 2014

Great post, for athletes of all ability levels, with 5 key pieces of advice on how to reach your goals this year: Direction, Motivation, Dedication, Believe, and Enjoy. The last two alone make this post worth reading.

Article 3-
Crossfitters: You may be in Danger!

A more satirical post from yet another person who was frustrated at all the articles being released telling us how DANGEROUS CrossFit is for people. The findings are accurate, but it’s a light read. Check it out.

What do you think, friends?


I am a sucker for motivational movies/quotes, etc.

The scene below is a video I’ve seen on YouTube many times, and is from the movie Coach Carter.

The quote featured, (which is part of a real speech given by Marianne Williamson) is one that I come back to often. I use the words to remind myself why I, personally, have likely never taken that FULL DEVOTION to certain things in my life, and instead chose to create excuses as to why I “couldn’t” achieve a task.

Please read this transcript often.
Print it out and look at it every day.
Remind yourself of your TRUE goals when you hit a bump in the road and want to stop moving forwards.

Is it because we’re afraid to fail? Or… is it because we are so scared at just how successful we might become?

I’m still working through that one, myself 🙂

“Our deepest fear is not that we are inadequate. Our deepest fear is that we are powerful beyond measure. It is our light, not our darkness that most frightens us. We ask ourselves, Who am I to be brilliant, gorgeous, talented, fabulous? Actually, who are you not to be? You are a child of God. Your playing small does not serve the world. There is nothing enlightened about shrinking so that other people won’t feel insecure around you. We are all meant to shine, as children do. We were born to make manifest the glory of God that is within us. It’s not just in some of us; it’s in everyone. And as we let our own light shine, we unconsciously give other people permission to do the same. As we are liberated from our own fear, our presence automatically liberates others.”

Carry on…

“So sick. SO. SICK. WOW! That was awesome!”

Those are the words I just said out loud… to myself… by myself, in my apartment. It’s not sick as in gross. I’m “that guy” who uses words like sick and epic to describe things he thinks are cool. Think that’s annoying? Deal with it, I’m not ashamed.

Alright, gut check time. I have said a few times over the past few months that I am going to start being more real and more raw on this blog. It all started from a conversation with Alon, in which he commented on a video I made and said, “Tom… how did that topic REALLY make you feel?” As in, “you gave us SOME of the real you, but not all of it. We came to YOUR blog to hear YOUR thoughts. Give it to us, straight.”

So I’m trying.

This commercial that I’m pasting below basically embodies who I THINK I am as a coach, and I freaking LOVE feeling like that! Feeling that I can look at any athlete, regardless of their experience level, ability levels, or confidence level, and TRULY think to myself… Let’s do this. You CAN do anything.

Most (all?) of you who have trained with me know that I hate (yep, hate) phrases like “I can’t.” Instead, I prefer conversations like one that I had with the amazing Casey Polk once:

Casey- “I SUCK at running!”
Me- *Disappointed stare*
Casey- “UGH! I mean… I am excited to have the opportunity to improve my running today.”
Casey- *Sly smile because she realized how much better it felt to say it that way.*

Even typing that has me smiling like a goon over here.

So that’s why I started this blog. I started it to share, and communicate, and interact, and help, and offer resources to you guys. My “readers”, the athletes that I am lucky enough to train, my friends. And to hopefully bring a smile to your face that comes close to matching the ones that you all give me every day.

So here’s to hoping that we can continue to grow these relationships together. Because even though the main goal of this blog is to try and help you, it sure as hell helps me a lot, too! Keeping this a two-way street will make this a lot more fun for all of us. (Otherwise, I’ll just keep posting more Parkour and Snowboarding videos, since that’s what I like!…. and you’ll still get those things, I’d just like to post things YOU want to see/learn/talk about, too!)

You guys are amazing. And like I said above, I really do think you can do anything you put your minds to and believe in. Sometimes I’ll just believe in it a little more at first!


Short and sweet today. Read this quote, please, and tell me one SIMPLE way you can make a positive change in the world today.

Mine, I will smile and say hello to three strangers today. I usually do that, but I’ll tell you what… a smile and eye contact from a stranger can really brighten someone’s day. I know, because it’s happened to me before.

Your turn.

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This is a pretty simple, yet POWERFUL message.

Today’s installment of “CrossFit Blog Central” isn’t actually from an actual CrossFit blog. It is, however, an article written for “The Human Factor” column of’s website. “The Human Factor” is described as “profil(ing) survivors who have overcome the odds. Confronting a life obstacle – injury, illness or other hardship – they tapped their inner strength and found resilience they didn’t know they possessed.”

Yeah, I know you thought I’d like it, too! Stories, and people, like this are the motivation and inspiration behind a lot of what keeps me going. The author of this particular piece is none other than Kyle Maynard. Kyle is, in my mind, a CrossFit Celebrity because he has been featured all over the CrossFit website over the 3+ years I’ve been following the program. He is one of those athletes that if I were to see him at an event, I’d get nervous and want a picture with him. Yep. I’m that guy. There’s another obvious reason why Kyle is so inspiring in what he does. The CNN article introduced him like this: “Despite being born without arms or legs, Maynard has played football, wrestled, and he’s hoping to hike Mount Kilimanjaro.” Yep.

When I came across this article that was posted by CrossFit, I knew the next hour or so was going to be spent “Maynarding”. Just watching videos and reading articles about this amazing man!

Ok, so enough about how I feel about him, let’s share the good stuff with you! I’m going to share a few of my favorite quotes from the article, and then obviously let you click on a link to read the full piece yourselves!

One of the reasons we require so much motivation to start on the path to improving our health is that we build up a huge lie in our minds of how improbable or even impossible reaching our goals will be. We think about how hard it’s going to be to resist dessert or how much time exercising is going to take away from our lives.

I try to talk to my athletes about this all the time. Instead of setting this HUGE milestone that will take months/years to accomplish, I prefer to set mini-milestones along the way so we give ourselves REASON to celebrate! Positive reinforcement from YOURSELF is so key to help you stay motivated and “on the path”.

It’s always going to be the same in your life too. We’ll never be where we want to be until we learn to slow down and enjoy our individual journey. As long as you are doing something to move towards the direction you want to go in your life and your health, you cannot fail.

Read those last three words. If we get to the place in life where we can ENJOY THE JOURNEY… where we embrace the process and enjoy the steps we’re taking to improve ourselves (in ANY venture), you cannot fail.

There you have it, folks. This is hands down one of my favorite posts I’ve written, and it’s all because of Kyle Maynard and his positive impact on EVERYONE! To us his line, his motto… his mantra that he’s had for his whole life… No Excuses. You’re the man, Kyle!

Click here to read the full article!

For more info on Kyle, here’s and AWESOME video from when he was featured on Oprah. Please take 13 minutes and watch it so you can learn more about why and HOW Kyle got to be where he is today. So. Cool.

Finally, as a CrossFitter, Kyle also owns a gym. No Excuses CrossFit. The video below is a Testimonial from some of his athletes talking about how (not only Kyle, but) CrossFit training can help change lives in a variety of ways.

I’m inspired today! I hope you are, too!

Read this, then read it again. Then… read it again. Please.

“When you don’t give up… You cannot fail.”

I won’t lie. This definitely made me tear up. Amazing story, and stupid Josh Groban (and his voice) doesn’t help, either. Now, go read the quote above one more time.

Those are your “Words of Wisdom” for the day.

(Thanks to the Progenex crew for sharing the video.)

I have always loved uplifting stories about “Ordinary People” who do extraordinary things.

This video shows the story of a man, who with a little ingenuity, has been able to literally brighten lives of people in his village.

If you know about stories like this, please email them to me. I would love to continue posting amazing stories like this!

Do you guys like seeing things like this?

It’s rare that I’ll post 2 “Moment of Awesomeness” posts on the same day… but I think you’ll see why I shared this one!

For those who think “CrossFit isn’t for me,” I would just urge them to watch this incredibly inspiring video of the 2nd Fittest Woman in the WORLD in her age bracket, Darlene Price! Stories like these are my favorite part of CrossFit, hands down.

Thanks to CrossFit Austin for putting together this awesome video, and thanks to the SICFIT Crew for sharing it with more CrossFitters.

Visit for more videos

Anyone who knows me is aware that the highlight of my days is getting the chance to coach INCREDIBLE athletes through challenging moments. Day in and day out I get the honor of seeing you guys push to… and then through, your self-imposed mental and physical barriers and reach a new confidence, and it moves me emotionally every single time.

So the first thing I want to do is thank you. ALL of you. I’m so privileged to get the chance to spend this time with you guys!

The work in the gym is only half of the battle, though. After you guys walk out the door when the workout is over, you’re faced with a entire world out there tempting you to indulge in the world of sugar and processed foods. Day in and day out you have the option of taking steps backwards instead of continuing a path towards increased health and wellness. As we saw with the Polks on my last “Success Story” post, so many of our CrossFit Lakewood athletes have made changes in their diets as well, and the transformations have been incredible!

This month’s Success Story is about Kip and Linda Henthorn! This husband and wife team have improved their health, flexibility, strength and stamina in ways that you can’t help but notice when you watch them work out in class. The physical changes in their bodies, though, you notice immediately when they walk in the door!

Instead of me telling awesome stories about the changes I’ve seen in these two, this time I’m going to let them tell their own stories.

Linda and Kip, I am SO PROUD of you two, and am so excited to continue to see the changes in your lives. You both look amazing, and your impact on the gym is significant. Thanks for sharing your positivity, and your story, with us!

This is MONTHS overdue, so here you go! ENJOY!

Linda’s Story:
I started at Crossfit Lakewood seven months ago. Several weeks after I started I saw a quote that said “Life begins at the end of your comfort zone”. I immediately thought – that’s what Crossfit is to me. Every WOD takes me to the end of my comfort zone because it is always a challenge and I feel like my life has taken a new direction.

I exceeded my weight loss goal in 3 months, losing a total of 26-30 pounds (depending on the week). I am now a size 4 – the same as I was in college and get a kick out of sharing clothes with my teenage daughters! I will be 50 by the end of this year and have never in my life had the physical strength, energy and mental confidence that I do now, giving me the ability to constantly challenge myself and keep up with “twenty-somethings” I get to team up with.

I also have a complete new awareness of what I put in my body and follow the Paleo Diet. I no longer have stomach aches or feel fatigued because I ate wrong. I crave fresh veggies and enjoy cooking again, constantly encouraging my family to also make changes.

I look forward to continuing to go to the “end of my comfort zone”, learning and achieving new goals.

Kip’s Story:
My stats: 8 months; 25 pounds; vastly increased overall flexibility and strength; able to do things I thought I would never do such as pull-ups and HSPU; big increase in my mountain biking endurance and fun-factor, which I thought may have been lost forever; real awareness to what I eat – far from perfect, but has made a huge difference in my energy and weight levels. Starting and running a business is stressful and time consuming. I used that “excuse” for 7 years, put on 25 pounds and fell way out of shape. I have a long way to go on my strength goals, but I know I am on my way.

I know this is not intended as a Crossfit Lakewood drum beat, but I can’t help myself because it’s unavoidable. I have done some fairly hard core training in the past for endurance road and mountain bike events, but I have never experienced real results as quickly as I have at CFLW. You have probably heard this a hundred times from others, but here is my attempt to describe the CFLW Mojo: My results are directly related to my effort and enthusiasm, which is directly proportionate to the camaraderie and support from everyone at the gym. Watching others improve their abilities is way encouraging too!

Bottom line is that I can’t wait to work out every day – must be the addictive nature of the butterflies when the clock counts down from 10! I feel very fortunate to have stumbled into CFLW and for being part of the family.

CrossFit, Smashby Training, Success Story, Motivation, Kip and Linda Henthorn, Before

Linda and Kip "Before"

CrossFit, Smashby Training, Success Story, Motivation, Kip and Linda Henthorn, After

Linda and Kip Now. GREAT JOB, you two!