Thought of the Day: 2/12/16

Posted: February 12, 2016 in Uncategorized

The CrossFit Games Open is almost here! It’s so weird to sit back and realize that I’ve done this little online competition every year since it started, and it’s fascinating to think about how much it’s grown in that time. Here’s a picture of me completing the first workout of the 2011 Sectionals.


Check out that hair!

While looking back through this blog and seeing some of the previous posts I’ve made on the Open, I came across this little gem. It was from three years ago, (when I was working at another gym), and I recorded a video explaining why I think people should sign up. I have changed as an athlete and as a coach in the last three years,  but so many of the same exact thoughts run through my mind as to why partaking in a 5-week online worldwide competition can be a positive experience for almost anyone!

Why do I do the Open:

  • It’s fun and challenging
  • It gives me the chance to do the same workouts as other friends who CrossFit from all over the US and the world
  • Every year brings moments where people accomplish things they never thought possible. That energy is ELECTRIC and inspiring!
  • It heightens the sense of community in the CrossFit world for a few weeks
  • The gym is going to do the workouts on Fridays anyways!

Here is a little video that CrossFit put together explaining why some of the world’s top athletes enjoy the Open. Strangely enough, people who have never competed in anything in their lives, often say many of the same things. The Open is for you, it’s for me, it’s for all of us!

Time to get signed up, and pumped up! Simply CLICK HERE and go to the “Register/Log-In” button on the right of the screen to get started.

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