Smashby’s Meal Prep: 2/22/16

Posted: February 23, 2016 in CrossFit, Nutrition

The response was overwhelmingly positive to my last Meal Prep video and post, so here’s another one! As I mention in the opening comments, most weeks, I prep fairly similar meals with slight variations to each. That’s mostly because I’ve been doing it for so long, I know what is easy to make, and what I like to eat.

That said, in 2016 I’ll slowly be taking more cooking risks, and trying to make more fun things. So stay tuned!

Also, in this video, I spend about 3 minutes just cutting vegetables. That sounds really boring, but I kept the entire segment because I had several people message me and ask if the veggie slicer/dicer that I have is really worth the money, or just a gimmick. For me, it’s a legitimate time-saver, so I just wanted to show the entire process so you could make the call for yourselves.

Enjoy the steak salads, the Capello’s (paleo/gluten free/grain free) gnocchi with brats, and pork shoulder crock pot meals. This week was 12 meals + some snacks, for all around $5 per meal. As always, please keep the comments and feedback coming.

Happy Tuesday!

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