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Yesterday’s video that I posted was part 1 of a series. Today, you get part 2!
They come from a series of videos from the “Betty Wants In” Vimeo channel, and feature a lot of things I really like.

Extreme Sports. Slow Motion. Skydiving. (even though I’ve never jumped out of a perfectly good plane before)

It’s called “Experience Zero Gravity“, and like yesterday’s video, has some epic stuff.

The crew at LifeAsRx always shares such cool videos! Yesterday’s video was no exception.
Check out Part 1 of this series of videos from the “Betty Wants In” Vimeo channel.

It’s called “Experience Human Flight“, and features some pretty incredible visuals.

I’m not going to divulge whether or not tomorrow will include Part 2 of this series…. but I suggest you check back just be sure!