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It’s been a while since I’ve posted some epic footage of people being awesome, so let’s get right to it.

Red Bull is likely the best “Extreme Sports” sponsor in the world. They throw events all around the globe in some of the coolest places, highlighting incredible athletes in their respective fields.

This year’s “Red Bull Valparaíso Cerro Abajo 2018” featured this INSANE winning run by Tomáš Slavik. When it comes to Urban mountain biking, it doesn’t get more intense than this!

What’s that you say? Mountain bikes are made for the mountains? Ok, then. How’s this winning run by Kurt Sorge during “2017 Red Bull Rampage?” Before you click the video below, know that I wouldn’t even walk down this mountain, let alone consider getting on two wheels to launch myself down it at full speed!

Some of you clearly aren’t impressed by the ability of those athletes to move their bikes through space. What about moving their own bodies through the air? Here are the winning cliff dives from Inis Mór during the 2017 Cliff Diving World Series. I watch these dives and get sick to my stomach. I don’t even feel comfortable diving off of a 3-meter board into a swimming pool!

That’s STILL NOT enough?! Ok, fine, we’ll go out with a bang. In this mind-blowing stunt called “A Door In The Sky,” French wingsuit jumpers Fred Fugen and Vince Reffet (known as the “Soul Flyers”) base jump from the top of the Jungfrau mountain in Switzerland and jump INTO a plane in mid-air. Speechless.

When I moved to Colorado in 2006, I had only been “skiing” two or three times. The word “skiing” is in quotations because you can hardly call what I did skiing. Yet I’ll never forget the first day I took a snowboard on the slopes of Winter Park, had friends give me about 15 minutes of pointers, and then I said, “Go have fun, I’ll meet you for lunch.” I was committed to try and learn this new sport that so many of my friends had been doing their whole lives. So for three consecutive days, I tried to teach myself how to snowboard. And I fell. A lot. My butt was bruised, right along with my ego, but I remember walking off the mountain at the end of each day a bit more confident. I was making progress, and it felt great!

For the next 7 years, I would buy a pass to the incredible resorts around Denver, and each year I kept getting better and better! I wasn’t ready to drop out of a Heli-skiing down a couloir, and I wasn’t crushing the Super Pipe with all of the park rats, but I could hold my own. It took me several seasons to feel as though I had become “good” at this winter sport.  Why tell you this story? Am I about to announce that I’m joining the Semi-Pro Snowboard Cross circuit? No, it is not. It’s to say that while it takes people like me years to learn how to ski on snow, there are people out there who simply need more. People like Candide Thovex, professional skiier and Freeride World Champion, for example. In partnership with Audi, he starred in one of the best freeriding segments of the year. Oh, and he wasn’t on snow for any of it. I hope you like the video below as much as I did.

Today’s link sharing for our first Moment of Awesomeness post of 2014 has two videos! Yep. Two.

The first is a commercial for Sony60 A7R camera, the world’s first compact, full frame, interchangeable lens machine. Now, while I am not here to push a camera, the free-falling segment they show in reallly high quality HD is awesome. I’ve never been skydiving, but I THINK (not 10000% sure…) it’s on my bucket list. Plus, the commerical is only 1:00 long.

Click on the “Sony60 A7R” text below this to watch.

Sony60 A7R from Cutting Edge on Vimeo.

The second is about cats. No, not my friends BigKat and BabyKat, aka “The Two Best Friends That Anyone Could Have”. Real, actual cats. Lions, to be specific.

To summarize the video, I’ll just use part of the explanation right from the GoPro YouTube page:
“The GoPro production crew journeys to Africa to explore the danger and beauty of Kevin Richardson’s passions for lions and their future.”

Bottom line, this dude is the “Lion Whisperer”, and basically is a member of the pride. Hugging, playing with, cuddling with them. It’s incredible. The point of the video is to share with the world, how sad it is that the lion population is so low, and the entire species is in danger or becoming extinct.

(Side note: He is also very close with the Hyena population. Unreal.)

Just watch and be amazed. This guys is awesome.

I am certainly not what most people would consider a “Daredevil.” Sure, I’ve been known to take on a double-black diamond trail or three at local ski resorts, but I’m not the dude who is going to huck a back flip off of a 30 foot cliff. Nope, not even on a powder day.

THESE guys, however, blow my mind. Again, while I wouldn’t say I’m afraid of heights, I would never choose to place myself on a thin rope hundreds of feet above the ground!!! Making the conscious decision to go after putting yourself on a high line and walking across takes a certain amount of mental “zen” and strength that I’m just not quite sure I have.

Life will often times present us with challenges and situations that instill fear in our hearts (such as waiting for the CrossFit Games Open workout release each week.) As they say in the video, though:

“It’s not about eliminating the fear. It’s about finding the courage, within the face of fear, is what matters the most. And then really, it’s just your ability to stand up and put one foot in front of the other. Kind of like how you should do everything else in life.”

Rock on, GoodLineFilms. I LOVE this clip.

I am a huge fan of “Highlight Reels” for pretty much anything. A professional sports team’s championship run, an extreme sports season highlights, middle school spelling bee finals, I love ’em all!

The crew at Absolute Zero put together a pretty awesome video with some of their best moments from Mountain Biking and Skiing in 2011. Cleverly enough, the video below is called the “Absolute Zero 2011 Reel“.

The very final scene here is one of my favorites that has been featured all over. It is a ski jump “feature” that has 13 skiers going off in formation at almost the same time. Visually, I just find it breathtaking.

As ski season starts to pick up here for a lot of us, many of us have goals to use our training to help get us in better shape for the snow. I hope you like this!

Today’s Moment of Awesomeness will include Land, Sea, AND Sky! Three videos, three very different types of “sports”, but all mind-blowing.

You’re welcome.


Sea: Biggest Teahupoo Ever, Shot on the PHANTOM CAMERA. [Original 720p video]

Sky: Adventures With Aviator : EPIC World Class Freefly Skydiving with TJ Landgren

When I was a kid, I used to watch the X-Games religiously! BMX Street Style, Street Luge, and anything with ramps AND rails were usually my favorite “Summer” X events to watch. This video definitely takes me back to those days.

Check out this video from Red Bull about French rider Matthias Dandois. Here’s the summary directly from the video. It shows, yet again, that the best of the best don’t make excuses for why they can’t train, instead they create opportunities so they can train under any circumstance. So cool!
Winter in France is always tough for the riders. To avoid spending the cold season on his sofa, flat BMX world champion Matthias Dandois found himself a nice little hangar full of jumps and springboards in the outskirts of Paris. Away from the cold weather, he was able to learn new tricks and develop a new style : street-flat. With his latest video Hibernation, Matthias once again demonstrates his passion for innovation.

Have you ever seen the Dark Knight in IMAX or been to a planitarium? Well I did, and I have, and when your whole world gets tilted on it’s side by some crazy turn or inversion, I always get that crazy knot in my stomach! When I saw this video today (thanks to J. Kush for sharing it!), I got that same feeling.

Some people are adrenaline junkies. Others, are just insane.

These frenchmen do some INCREDIBLE slack-lining at absurd heights. Some of them have parachutes, some rely on a simple rope and carabiner to catch them if they fall… and the craziest of them all, solo at the top (which means they use NO harness for support. You fall, that’s all she wrote).

This video is awesome. Please enjoy, but most importantly, please do not try this yourself!

I Believe I can Fly ( flight of the frenchies). Trailer from sebastien montaz-rosset on Vimeo.

How are people this talented at stuff? I’d guess through lots… and lots… and lots of practice, dedication, and sacrifice.

Funny how that works with pretty much everything in life.

The time you put in directly proportional to the success you get out. Get out there and earn those results! (source:

… gone for a minute, but I’m back again!

Let’s get things on this blog ramped back up the right way, folks!

There will be some fun stuff posted over the next few days, so get your read/watching/replying hats ready. It’s going to be a great time!

Happy Hump Day, everyone!
(Thanks for the video, Russell)