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When I was a kid, I used to watch the X-Games religiously! BMX Street Style, Street Luge, and anything with ramps AND rails were usually my favorite “Summer” X events to watch. This video definitely takes me back to those days.

Check out this video from Red Bull about French rider Matthias Dandois. Here’s the summary directly from the video. It shows, yet again, that the best of the best don’t make excuses for why they can’t train, instead they create opportunities so they can train under any circumstance. So cool!
Winter in France is always tough for the riders. To avoid spending the cold season on his sofa, flat BMX world champion Matthias Dandois found himself a nice little hangar full of jumps and springboards in the outskirts of Paris. Away from the cold weather, he was able to learn new tricks and develop a new style : street-flat. With his latest video Hibernation, Matthias once again demonstrates his passion for innovation.